Laura Müller: Designer bags gone, Villa sold – is she packing her suitcase now?

Laura Müller once hoped for a luxurious life with a hit star in Florida. Now the usual place to live with Michael Wendler is gone, and he is no longer a successful singer either. On top of that, she now has to sell all her designer bags. Is she packing her suitcases now?

Everything was actually predestined for Laura Müller with this one fateful encounter. When the then 18-year-old met Michael Wendler, who was 46 at the time, it happened to her right away. Not only was the brunette in her mid-forties a successful hit star, no, he also seemed seriously interested in living with her, the young high school student from Tangermünde. Move to Florida, numerous TV appearances, a steep influencer career. Her life seemed perfect. Until the charming prince turned out to be a conspiracy, spoke to ruin and carried her away.

For after Michael Wendler ran his hit and TV career up the wall, there were no orders for his wife Laura Müller for a long time. Since then, the 21-year-old has advertised for kitschy dog ​​accessories from a small Saxon company on Instagram instead of sportswear and bleaching accessories. From time to time, there was also advertising for cosmetics from the controversial publisher Kopp, which also offers surviving tools in its range.

Michael Wendler sells luxury accommodation in Cape Coral

The Kopp publishing house is probably also one of the few sources of income that her husband Michael Wendler stayed with after the house’s TV company RTL and advertising partners such as Uncle Sam turned away from him. Michael Wendler is said to have received the equivalent of around 145,300 euros from the controversial publishing house Kopp since January 2020 with the announcement of emergency power generators and electric shock devices for women, as the newspaper “Bild” reports. Money that, according to the report, may have been smuggled past the German state. For the fallen Schlager star, whose real name is Michael Norberg, is officially crushed. The 49-year-old owes a million euros in taxes to the tax office.

Wendler and Müller have now sold their dream home in Cape Coral, Florida, which they put in shape with great effort in a VOX show in 2020, for the equivalent of about 770,000 euros. But according to the report, the money did not go to the tax office. Wendler himself told the newspaper about his plans: “The real estate market is burning here, and of course you have to use it.”

Now the lucky youngster lives in a rented house in Babcock Ranch, Florida. Ex-Schlagerbarde Wendler recently told the newspaper “Bild” that he pays the high rent of 6,300 euros a month. The house also has a lot more square meters than in Cape Coral and is located by an idyllic lake. But Wendler’s former business partner, Timo Berger, paints a different picture of the house and the neighborhood.

A truck with license plate “EGAAL” is parked in front of the house in Babcock Ranch, Florida

In a video posted by the tour operator on his Instagram channel, you can see Laura and Michael’s supposed new home. Berger himself walks down the street and pans to the neighborhood. He comments: “It is certainly 38 categories worse than what one had in Cape Coral. As I said – also the neighborhood with the Dixi toilet and the container. A busy street and accessible to all, it is not a closed community.” Doubts as to whether the indescribable house is actually the Norberger’s are erased with a panning image of a black pick-up parked in front of the gray building. Car registration number: “EGAAL.” A reference to one of Michael Wendler’s most successful songs, “Egal”.

Star status away, luxury team you away, influencer career on team. And then Laura Müller also posts pictures of her beloved branded bags in her Instagram story. And put them up for sale! For a total of 5,430 euros, the American gets rid of his luxury bags. On social media, fans are asking if this little online flea market is voluntary. Or is her husband’s wave of bankruptcies now also spreading to Laura?

Does Laura Müller even have money problems?

At least she does not have to worry about the debt that Michael Wendler took up before the relationship, lawyer Christian Solmecke recently gave FOCUS Online the very clear: “For his debt, which he brought into the marriage, Michael Wendler must still be liable “However, something else may apply if there is another marriage contract.” However, the possibility that Laura herself now has money problems is not far off. All her major TV fees in recent years went to the company “Cape Music Inc.” and with it her husband, Michael.

What else needs to happen for the now 21-year-old Laura to leave her Michael, one wonders. But despite all the circumstances, Laura Müller has made no attempt to divorce in recent months. Instead, she said nothing. About her husband’s rough views, the meanwhile unfortunate living conditions and her failed career. Just a few months ago, an insider told “Bild” that Laura was still by Michael’s side and that there were no plans to change that.

It is still unknown whether the changed living conditions and the forced abandonment of their luxury items will make them think new. Or the love for the two actually resists all these bankruptcies.

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