General meeting of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund constituency Westerwald

Announcement from 18.05.2022

The board of the ASB district association Westerwald had invited to a general meeting on April 29 in the house at Alsberg in Rennerod. Among other things, the election of the next board was on the agenda.

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Rennerod. At 6 p.m., the chairman of the circuit association, Henry Traut, opened the meeting. He warmly welcomed the President of the ASB Rheinland-Pfalz eV, Oswald Fechner, the Mayor of Rennerod, Raimund Scharwat, and all the Samaritans present.

After the official welcome, Mr Fechner spoke and warmly welcomed all the guests, the Samaritans. He briefed on the current situation, developments in the Ahr Valley and other offers of assistance from ASB there, ongoing projects under the leadership of the State Association and the still prevalent corona pandemic.
Sir. Fechner expressed his special thanks to all the helpers who worked tirelessly during the pandemic, during the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley and on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The town’s mayor, Raimund Scharwat, also took the floor and emphasized the extremely good relationship between the town of Rennerod and the ASB district association Westerwald. He thanked all helpers at all levels for their volunteer work. After the items on the agenda had been voted unanimously, President Henry Traut’s report followed. He reported on completed surgeries, relief operations, medical care and exercises. The focus in 2021 was the operation of the Corona Rapid Test Center in Seck and the deployment during the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley. Henry Traut also expressed his special thanks to the active helpers. He also thanked the sponsor members whose contributions made the missions possible.

Katharina Arabin-Oppermann and Paul Stockschläder received a special recognition in the form of a bouquet of flowers for their enormous commitment to the rescue dog squadron and Nicole Traut for their previous work on the board, from which she resigns at her own request. The president of the state association Oswald Fechner then led the election as election official.

Henry Traut was unanimously re-elected as chairman and Bernd Penshorn as his deputy.
Also with a unanimous result, Nicole Redmann, Stefanie Peter, Heinz Boßlet, Steven Lindlein and Dennis Traut were elected as additional board members.

As upcoming projects and dates, the chairman announced participation in the First Responder Group in Rennerod, the federal exercise of ASB Germany eV in Mainz and Worms, the presentation of the second dream car from ASB Rheinland-Pfalz eV on June 12 in Rennerod and planned benefit concert by Mainz court singers in favor of the wish car on September 3 in Westerwaldhalle in Rennerod.
During the agenda item Miscellaneous, Fabian Peter, head of the ASB First Responder unit Bad Marienberg, thanked for the support and the uncomplicated, rapid admission of the group into the ASB district association Westerwald. He stressed the positive synergy effects, which President Henry Traut confirmed. The meeting officially ended at 7.30 pm.

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