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As “Spospito”, Reinhard and Thomas Gansert have children all over Germany. Kemptener’s latest project protects health and the climate.

Whether it’s Knaxiade or children’s campaign days: events for children like these are well known by many Oberallgäu and Kempten families. Thousands of boys and girls get started every year. All this is organized by a father-son duo from the region: Reinhard (67) and Thomas (38) Gansert.

From the top floor of Reinhart Gansert’s house in Kempten, they are conducting two campaigns throughout Germany. They now have three pillars: the Knaxiaden in collaboration with the savings banks, “Børnenes Aktionsdage” and the latest concept, “Bevægelsespasset”. The business model: The participating children can use the offers for free, the income comes from sponsors such as banks.

Spospito from Kempten is known for the Knaxiaden, the children’s campaign days and the exercise card

It was a long development before father and son can make a living from it today. It started in 1991. After Reinhard Gansert had studied sports and economics to become a teacher, for his combination of subjects in Bavaria no teachers employed. Through a friend, he came to hold advanced training courses in kindergartens for the Gymnastics Association in Swabia to counteract the motor deficits in children that were already occurring at that time. Contrary to Gansert’s expectations, interest in the training continued until a “highlight event” was finally requested. This is how Gansert developed what became known as “Knaxiade” 30 years ago due to a collaboration with Sparkassen.

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Since then, nearly 1.5 million children in Bavaria have participated, and two-thirds of kindergartens are participating, Gansert says. There are 850 to 900 facilities per year. You will receive documents and materials to put together your individual training program based on a number of different ideas – completely adapted to the requirements of the facility. An example is “The Juggler Didi”, where children catch a ball in a yogurt cup. The goal is to use everyday materials to promote movement without much effort.

“Children’s Action Days” is one of the three pillars of “Spospito”. The company name is an abbreviation of “Sporteln-Spielen-Toben”.

Photo: Thomas Gansert

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At one of his training courses in 2003, Gansert showed how the equipment available in a gym can be combined into a “movement landscape”. After the course, these children were left behind – which was so well received that Gansert took up the idea again in 2011, when his son Thomas Gansert finished his trade studies. Together, the decision to offer this well-received movement landscape matured as a separate concept. So son came in – and “Children’s Action Days” were born.

Spospito: With the “exercise card”, Kempten’s parent taxis declare war

In 2019, Thomas Gansert finally developed the third pill with the “movement pass”. The starting point was the problem that many parents drive their children to school by car, keyword “parent taxi”. The concept of the exercise pass imagines that children travel on their own to school for 20 days between Easter and Pentecost.

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The first year brought positive feedback with four pilot schools, but the project was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2021, 18,000 school children participated in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, this year there are over 400 schools with 75,000 children in seven federal states, says Thomas Gansert. Sponsored prizes such as backpacks and scooters will be distributed among the participating children. The concept brought the father-son duo the state victory in a competition from the DAK health insurance.

Father and son at Spospito: Knaxiade, children’s campaign days and training sessions – what now?

He has now given up the part-time job as a sports teacher, which Reinhard Gansert finally got. The 67-year-old also wants to gradually step back into Spospito. The son Thomas, on the other hand, already has concrete ideas on how to move forward: In the coming year, the number of participants in the exercise session must be doubled, and then more helping hands are needed. Once this is achieved, children’s campaign days should start again in 2023.

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