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Experience a new bond and trust in direct contact with the animals. © Tabaluga Children’s Foundation

Mindfulness plays a big role in the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation. Children and young people get the message: no one is left alone here.

Mindfulness is extremely important in times of stress, burnout and depression. Appropriate exercises are advertised from all sides. For Tabaluga Children’s Foundation, mindfulness is about much more. It can be found in any conversation, in any therapy, it is a part of everyday life. For there are values ​​in an attentive relationship with each other, with oneself and with resources that strengthen the traumatized children and young people for life.

Milkman was once a therapy horse. With him, children at Tabalugahof got their smiles back. The Shetland pony formed a bridge for humans. Because it was people who hurt the children, abused them, abused them. Thanks to Milchmann, the kids learned again to trust, to love, to show affection.

The pony is now 25 years old. Too old to be used as a therapy horse. But Milchmann still lives – for 18 years now – on the farm of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation in Peißenberg. He belongs large family of animals, is cared for, cared for, loved – not discarded. He has a happy life with Tabaluga until the last day.

For those responsible, it goes without saying. This principle sends a message to the traumatized children and young people who have found a new home at the Children’s Foundation with headquarters in Tutzing: No one is left alone here. Children and young people should not be convinced of this in words. At the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation, the deeds are compelling. Day after day.

Tabaluga Children’s Foundation: Communicate values ​​through mindfulness

The former therapy horse Milchmann is an example of many of what those in charge of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation understand by careful handling. Values ​​are conveyed through mindfulness that the children did not know before. Responsibility – towards yourself and others. Respect – for people, animals and nature. Consciousness – for your own thoughts and actions. Trust – that trust is not just a word.

Mindfulness is not taught or practiced specifically at the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation. It is lived every day, integrated into everyday life. This also includes food handling. Seasonal and healthy dishes are on the menu. Products are purchased from sustainable cultivation, regionality has priority. If meat is cooked, then only if it is ensured that the animals were kept in a species-appropriate manner. The following also applies here: Through mindfulness, the children get a conscious handling of the food and its origin and sense of responsibility.

CEO Verena Scheffauer.
Verena Scheffauer, CEO of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation, with two children from Tabaluga Farm. © Tabaluga Children’s Foundation

Tabaluga Children’s Foundation: Take care of the environment

That Nature. The location of the various facilities allows children and young people to go outside at any time. To play, to find peace, to therapy sessions. The educators place great emphasis on a lot of time in nature. There they can convey to children and young people how important it is that they learn to feel themselves and draw strength again in harmony with nature.

Mindfulness also applies when dealing with the little personalities. The educators and therapists see them strengths and talentsthere is in every child and young person. Whatever fate they may experience in their young lives. That’s what teachers focus on. In this way, they show the Tabaluga children that they also deserve attention. You learn to respect yourself, to be aware of yourself and to live moments with full awareness. “Mindfulness is in all areas of our work,” emphasizes CEO Verena Scheffauer. “It’s also how we empower our children and young people for life.”

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