How well is my child insured? Who is liable for day care, kindergarten or after school?

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  • The best possible protection – that is why private accident insurance is essential
  • If you do not look at it once – there is no way around liability insurance in everyday life
  • And if something happens? These points save additional stress

When parental leave is over, a whole new phase of life begins for both children and parents. It can be similarly difficult for parents in the beginning when their son or daughter comes to the daycare or to the daycare. It helps to know that the baby is being well cared for. But what if an accident happens there? How are children really protected here? The experts from Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) explain when parents should be active and whether anything changes as soon as the child starts school.

Why private accident insurance? If a child has an accident in kindergarten, the statutory accident insurance takes effect. The same goes for the road to day care and the road home. However, only for the direct route. If you take a short detour to the playground or supermarket, you must have a private accident insurance. Ideally, parents should take this out right after the birth of their child. Because from an early age, the little ones also make their home unsafe and this can quickly lead to an accident in the home. Compulsory accident insurance usually only covers expenses for necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation measures. However, children can also have medium to long-term consequential injuries as a result of an accident. In such cases, a private accident insurance can provide relief. It is therefore best to talk directly with an expert, for example an investment adviser from DVAG. Incidentally: All of these rules also apply to students.

Why is private liability insurance so important? Accidents, especially on the road, happen to children more often than parents want. In the case of damage to cars, private liability (parents’ liability) usually applies. Children up to the age of ten are not responsible for accidents in moving traffic. Exception: Children between the ages of seven and ten are liable in the event of intent. For example, if a child bumps into a parked car on the way to school on their scooter, children over the age of seven may be held liable. But only if the necessary insight is given by the level of development. Regardless of this, the issue of parental supervision also arises. Don’t worry: this does not mean that parents should always accompany their children. If you have explained your child the correct behavior on the road and practiced on the way to school, a breach of duty is usually out of the question even if you were not present at the time of the accident. If the child then also lacks the necessary assessment of the scope of its action, it may even be the case that no one has to pay for the damage. Second situation, same topic: What happens if the child breaks down in day care? Then the carrier’s liability insurance takes effect. This also applies if a child tears someone else’s shirt while playing, for example. Neither the child nor the educator is liable, but also the institution responsible for the facility.

What do I do if something happens? As is so often the case: be calm! In order for there to be no problems later, parents should note the following points:

To report an accident: No matter how safe: Report the accident to your insurance company. Otherwise, problems may occur later.

Save documents: Is there an accident report? Should your child be in the hospital at all? Keep such documents and medical records if the insurance company needs them later.

Talk to your doctor: Even if it looks like a small scratch, be sure to talk to your pediatrician. Only he can tell if this little thing can result in long term damage.

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