How to design an easy-care kitchen

Since you often have to clean up the kitchen space after cooking and eating, the care-friendly kitchen would be a practical and smart solution. The good news is that with a little planning, you can get a design that makes cleaning a breeze. In addition, the right kitchen design allows you to spend less time drying in the kitchen area. So here is some useful information and ideas to help you plan.

How to optimize your space for a kitchen with low maintenance

It is understandable to be dazzled by the performance or appearance of a smart new kitchen appliance. However, it is advisable to also consider potential purchases in order to keep them clean. Choose kitchen appliances that are easy to clean, trouble-free, easy to wipe and do not require special cleaning solutions.

custom-made high-quality wooden kitchen cabinets for easy-care kitchens

Look closely at details like the buttons on your stove to make sure there are no hard-to-reach corners. For example, buttons that are too close to each other mean that you can not get a cleaning cloth between them. Also choose an induction hob because it is flat, easy and safe to clean. In addition, induction hobs save you from cleaning the grills and other parts found on gas hobs.

kitchen equipment with easy-to-clean kitchen appliances for clean surfaces

It will also be advisable to choose kitchen appliances with cleaning programs. It is best to let your device do the cleaning for you when you have the opportunity. For example, furnaces with pyrolytic cleaning functions that operate at high temperatures can easily burn off stubborn residues. Steam ovens with automatic steam cleaning and programs for drying as well as automated coffee machines with the option of cleaning are also a more advantageous alternative.

Choose backplates that are easy to clean or kitchen splashes

choose a kitchen plushback and backsplash and create a modern kitchen design

When it comes to an easy-care kitchen, the choice of kitchen splash should be considered just as carefully. There are popular varieties, but they require more cleaning and maintenance. If you do not want to spend time scrubbing the grout to keep it shiny clean, there are other options. If you are set on tile, choose a large format style to minimize the amount of grout you need to clean. If, for example, you choose a glass splash in the kitchen, you do not have to worry about joints at all. The kitchen cabinets in this area also play an important role. Therefore, choose cabinets with a flat front. The choice of smooth furniture surfaces prevents the formation of food residues on decorative grooves. However, beware of interrupted trains as they can accommodate crumbs.

Mount the table top, which is suitable for an easy-care kitchen

young woman and her daughter clean the kitchen countertop in rustic style

Choose the material for your kitchen worktop carefully if you want it to be easy to clean. Materials such as quartz, stone or sinter made from mineral and stone particles are non-porous, prevent stains and dry easily. In addition, solid surfaces are probably the most hygienic when it comes to low-maintenance kitchen countertops. Such materials are treated without problems and therefore have no grooves where dirt can get stuck. Because of this, they are often seen in hospitals and fast food joints.

Choose a strategic place for the trash can

choose the right place for the trash can under the sink

When designing your kitchen, try to position your trash can optimally to avoid dirt. The best place for trash and recycling bins in your kitchen should be next to the sink. To ensure that the cleaning is as efficient as possible, you can find a suitable place there. The goal is to create a minimum distance between sink and waste bins, which means minimal opportunities for spillage and clutter.

Use a durable wall paint for the kitchen with low maintenance

cleanliness as an important factor for a hygienic kitchen area

If you have painted walls in your kitchen, you will need to wipe them off more often than other rooms. For this reason, when choosing, you should choose a durable paint. This can make the cleaning work in the kitchen area easier. Use an oil-based eggshell as you can easily wipe it off without damaging the paint.

Choose closed kitchen cabinets

kitchen area designed in black and white with kitchen island and chairs

Open shelves may look attractive when nicely designed, but they can be a high-maintenance cleaning option. With such a kitchen design, you often have to move plates, books and trinkets just to wipe a feather dust over the surface. For an uncomplicated kitchen design, it is therefore advisable to avoid open shelves that collect dust and dirt. Instead, choose wall cabinets that can be closed.

Equip the inside of shelves and drawers with inserts

practical drawer insert for storing kitchen utensils

For a kitchen with low maintenance, you will also need shelves and drawers. These areas can be a bit of a minefield if you want to keep a clean and tidy kitchen. Crumbs and dust seep down and settle to the bottom of the drawers. To stay organized, you can line your drawers and shelves with wiped cut material. This way, you can also extend the life of your kitchen furniture. In addition, melamine inserts are ideal for the inside of cabinets because they do not absorb splashes, as is the case with oak, for example.

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