GNTM 2022: Heidi Klum criticizes designers

More diverse than ever: Heidi Klum invited curvy and small models to GNTM as early as 2021. Now, at the start of the 17th season, she opens the doors even more: The oldest participant in “Germany’s next top model” 2022 is 68 years old .

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In episode 1 of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, Heidi tells her guest judge Kylie Minogue that the search for designers has been difficult. “Really?” asks the pop icon in amazement. “When they got the sizes, they said, ‘We can not,'” Heidi said. “You can do it. And that’s how you do it,” the singer replies firmly, pointing to the catwalk and designer Jasmin Erba’s outfits.


Heidi Klum: “I’m ready for it”

With model clothing sizes from 30 to 54, Heidi Klum and thus “Germany’s Next Top Model” sends a clear signal: “I’m ready for it!” At the same time, the model manager openly asks the question: Is it also the fashion world?

During the press conference, she describes: “Many [Designer] dropped out because they could not give us anything for this size. “Among them were a lot of well-known, big names.” They say they want diversity, but then they do not really want it. It’s always such a strange dichotomy: they all want to, they say. But if you would like to do it, there are only a few who agree to it, “sums up Heidi.

“Germany’s Next Top Model” demands diversity – and lives it

Sarina Nowak or Lily-Rose Depp: Curved or petite models are increasingly popping up in front of the camera, conquering the international catwalks. Since season 16, “Germany’s Next Top Model” has also placed even more value on diversity. “I’m still looking for a model who has the definite something. So the goal of the show is the same, nothing has changed there. But the look of the models has changed and the demand for diversity is now greater than ever. So search I am looking for new faces in a wide range of heights, ages and personalities. “

It is not to be mistaken that the fashion world is changing. At the time, Heidi was still considered “overweight” in Paris: “People looked at me as if I had eaten fast food too often,” the model boss recalls. At the time, she was a size 36. “Of course, I listen to what the industry wants and it’s finally more variety [zu Deutsch: Vielfalt]But despite this trend towards more diversity, the search for designers who supply outfits for “Germany’s next top model” remains a challenge.

A kick in the ass in the fashion industry

In “Germany’s next top model”, Heidi Klum decides who in her eyes has what it takes to be a top model – regardless of size or age. But while the model boss would like to contribute to a change in the fashion industry, her familiar phrase “A model without a job is not a model” does not lose its validity.

“We are a reality show. The jobs we give in the show are real. And when we go to the customers, we have to see how different it really gets. In the end, the customer is the one who decides, not me,” explains Heidi Klum problem.

But she still does not shy away from tackling things and pushing for the change that is already underway: “I hope I can also give the designers a kick in the butt, because many jumped off at short notice when they got measurements. of our models. “

Heidi Klum: “Now is your moment”

The long-held ideal of beauty leaves its mark – especially among models and women who want to establish themselves in the modeling industry. “That [Teilnehmerinnen] so stand in front of me and can not believe they are there and I tell them they are beautiful, “says Heidi. Many tears have already flowed in such moments. But for the model boss it is important to convey: the possibilities are the same for everyone at “Germany’s Next Top Model”. It’s now up to the models to convince customers. “Now is your moment,” Heidi emphatically emphasizes.

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