“Children must not be a factor in poverty in Germany”

from left Julia Benning and Guido Meyer, Network Goals and Characters; Alexandra Schwedtmann, CEO of Diakonie im Ev. Kirkedistrikt Dinslaken, Susanne Jantsch, Assessor in Ev. Dinslaken Church District (Photo: Henkel)

Dinslaken / Duisburg / Voerde / Hünxe / Schermbeck. More than 2.8 million children in Germany live in poverty. But we do not notice them because they have a roof over their heads and do not run around in rags. But if you look closely, you can see them: the children who go in summer jackets in the cold winter, who get their first meal at school or at the table, who never go to the outdoor pool or the cinema. “I have been a social worker for 18 years, and child poverty has always been widespread. So much was promised, but not much has changed to date, “reports Alexandra Schwedtmann, CEO of Diakonie im Ev. Dinslaken church district. That’s why Diakonia launched the campaign year” No child in poverty “.” We want to wake people up. Focus on the topic so that our society changes, ”says Schwedtmann. At the official launch, a large-scale poster campaign is now starting. “With our poster campaign, we want to ensure that these children and young people and their concerns and needs are finally seen,” explains the Diakonia CEO. “Children must not be a factor in poverty in Germany. “

In Dinslaken and the surrounding area, there are a total of 7 large posters that the Greens have made available to Diakonia. From next week, additional motifs will be displayed on 17 advertising columns provided by the city of Dinslaken. In addition, the posters are in all communities and kindergartens in Ev. church district to find. Lectures, discussion evenings and symposia are planned after this prelude, which aims to make people aware of the topic. Members of the Bundestag must, among other things, ask themselves unpleasant questions in a panel debate under the motto “Keep a close eye on the new government” – What has become of the election programs on the topic of child poverty (basic child safety, child allowance, child allowance, …)? “. In addition, young people will design a hoodie with a statement against child poverty. Other activities are planned and will be announced during the year. Eva Børn’s world in the church district also participates in the campaign year with campaigns. “It requires these levels, so this important topic is finally perceived of society, “sums up Susanne Jantsch, assessor at Ev. Dinslaken church district, together.

Overview of the actions of Diakonia and its partners:

poster campaign
The posters are designed by Julia Benning and Guido Meyer, Network Goals and Characters. The motifs come from children. There are a total of 7 different themes.

Founding a fashion brand
Art students from Mercator High School design a hoodie with the help of the team from the Düsseldorf company Boldbrands. During the emergence of the diakonia’s social workers in Ev. Church district Dinslaken accompanied. In this way, a cool statement against child poverty should be created. The hoodie can be purchased. The money is used for children in vulnerable situations. The hoodie is expected to be presented to the public after the summer holidays. Additional projects or classes or fashion clothes may follow.

In addition, there will be a scientific and topic-related lecture and discussion event on the topic of “child poverty” by social work students from the Dutch Saxion Hogeschool. Exchange and knowledge transfer between practice and science is the core of the event. The goal is to make tomorrow’s social workers aware of the topic and use it as a multiplier. Place and date have not yet been announced.

Lectures / panel discussions
9/1/22; 19.00, “A new working class ?!”. reading and discussion; Speakers: Julia Friedrichs is a journalist, filmmaker and author and retired President Dr. hc Nikolaus Schneider (Co-organizer: Laboratorium Duisburg /: Evangelical Academy in the Rhineland), Venue: Ledigenheim Lohberg, Stollenstr. 1, 46537 Dinslaken

September 13, 2022, at 18.30: “Keeps the new government on its toes” – What has become of the election programs on the subject of child poverty (basic child insurance, child allowance, child allowance, …)? Panel discussion with members of the Bundestag. (Co-organizer: Evangelical Academy in the Rhineland). Space will be announced.

Additional lectures are still being planned.

kindergarten actions
The teams in day care institutions at Ev. Kinderwelt has dealt with the subject of child poverty. Kita Am Parken has prepared an action plan on behalf of all facilities, which is now being implemented. Here are a few examples: On birthdays, people do not bring their own cakes or gift bags, but instead bake a cake with the child in the facility, for example. Rooms can be made available for the birthday party. No children bring packed lunches, but there is a breakfast buffet in the day care center. Free courses are offered for parents and children. You can borrow children’s books.
The concept is currently being transferred to the other day care institutions.

Subject day for Diakonia’s employees in Ev. Dinslaken church district
All Diakoni employees participate in a specialist day on the topic of “child poverty”. Christoph Butterwege, among others, will give a lecture. The purpose of this symposium is to inform about the topic of child poverty and social inequality, as well as to increase the sensitivity to similar signals for problem situations and for intervention opportunities in the employees’ respective work areas.

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