Azuki NFT: “A brand for the metaverse” – is it still worth buying?

Azuki Non-fungible Tokens have now firmly established themselves in the top 10 in the NFT world. The NFT collection is developing nicely. Sales prices have recently reached new heights. The Azuki NFTs certainly do not have to hide from other projects in April 2022 – on the contrary. The trend is clearly pointing upwards. But can this development continue so that the Azuki NFTs are still an exciting investment? We address this issue in the following article and show why the Azuki NFTs are so popular.

What are the Azuki NFTs?

The Azuki NFTs were officially launched on January 12, 2022. The team behind the Azuki NFTs released 8700 extracted Azuki non-fungible tokens for public sale. The characters created in the anime style were referred to as azukis. The original price was $ 3400. Overall, though, this is a strictly limited NFT collection of 10,000 pieces developed by the Metaverse community. The design comes from Chiru Labs, the startup behind the Azuki NFTs. The owners of a non-fungible token are guaranteed access to the meta-verse “The Garden” and at the same time exclusive streetwear, NFT drops or exciting live events. The created Metaverse is a place where creative, NFT fans and Web3 developers meet to lay the foundation for a decentralized future.

The vision behind Azuki

To learn more about the Azuki NFTs and assess the potential, you should also take a look at the vision and values ​​behind Azuki. Because Azuki describes itself as a combination of the physical and digital world. The community-based project wants to challenge the status quo and make a big impact on Web3. The demands could hardly be greater.

“Our vision is to create the largest decentralized brand for the meta-verse, built and owned by society.”

At the same time, the focus on the community in particular should be one reason for the huge demand for the Azuki NFTs. Because the Azuki NFTs act as non-fungible tokens for the masses, even though the price development probably shows the opposite. Because an Azuki NFT for over $ 100,000 probably fits into very few investment strategies. Nevertheless, the team behind Azuki refers to the community first.

“Everything starts and ends with the community. The moment we prioritize something other than the community will be the beginning often he ends. We will not let that happen, because we will always have community as the number 1 value of Azuki “.

Azuki NFTs: Sold out after a few minutes

Even before the Azuki NFTs were implemented, the marketing machinery ran flawlessly. The demand was huge, the awareness increased with each passing day. So it happened that the Azuki NFTs were sold out within a very short time. It took a full four minutes before there were no more Azuki NFTs. Since then, demand has developed sharply and the performance is heading towards the moon.

The current Azuki award: Strong explosion after Mint

Azuki NFTs Mint was priced at $ 3,400. Those who bought Azuki NFTs at launch can look forward to an extraordinary return today. Because the Azuki NFT value has recently increased significantly. At OpenSea, the trading volume is currently 172,000 Ether. The floor price is now 31 ether, an extremely rapid increase. With the current Ethereum price of USD 3430, the Azuki NFTs have a six-digit value. This means that the initial value has increased more than 30 times – an impressive return in a very short time for all early bird investors in Azuki NFTs.

Who is behind the Azuki NFTs?

Four founders from Los Angeles announced the Azuki NFTs a few months ago. All founders are still anonymous today. On the World Wide Web, they only work under pseudonyms, so you only have the information that the founders voluntarily provide to the public. The company Chiru Labs is responsible for the Azuki NFTs as a whole. On their own Twitter channel, which has a manageable 10,000 followers, they describe themselves as “Born in Los Angeles” and “Creators of” AzukiZen “.

Azuki NFT prediction: Are the non-fungible tokens a purchase for 2022?

Azuki non-fungible tokens could be good for additional winnings despite explosive performance. The Azuki NFTs are without a doubt among the best NFTs for 2022. According to the roadmap, further development steps await in the next few months, which may reveal new price potential. There are many indications that the price will continue to develop positively. The Azuki NFTs are without a doubt on the way. However, the usefulness of this Azuki NFT prediction may be limited for most NFT fans. For with prices in the six-digit range, it is highly unlikely that most crypto enthusiasts will still be able to join Azuki in April 2022.

NFT insider tip for the year 2022: Will NFT also explode after LBLOCK?

Crypto fans looking for an affordable NFT with sustainable upside potential may encounter the Lucky Block NFTs. Because the first collection of the crypto lottery has been available for a few weeks: “The Platinum Rollers Club Edition” by Lucky Block. Lucky Block Coin started at the beginning of the year. After an extensive marketing campaign and an early pre-sale, the price exploded after the first listing on PancakeSwap. Meanwhile, the value of Lucky Block Coin has increased by over 6500%. Even the hyped Azuki NFTs can’t keep up. Now numerous NFT fans and Lucky Block supporters are speculating that such a performance will repeat itself. Because even with the Lucky Block NFTs, as with the Azuki NFTs, six-digit prices would be possible if the NFTs achieve the same performance.

Lucky Block NFTs: Why a Purchase Makes Meaning!

Nevertheless, the hope of a price development comparable to Lucky Block Coins should not be sufficient as an investment case. So let’s finally look at three more reasons why the Lucky Block NFTs could be an exciting investment:

  • A growing community: The community behind Lucky Block continues to grow. This can result in greater demand.
  • Real benefit: Lucky Block NFTs is a lifetime ticket to the Lucky Block NFT lottery.
  • 1: 10,000 chance to win: After the first Lucky Block NFT collection was sold out, one million US dollars and a Lamborghini Aventador worth over 300,000 euros were distributed.

Those who want to buy the Lucky Block NFTs can do so through the new NFT platform For 3.75 WBNB, there are still a few NFTs from the first Lucky Block Edition. It is very possible that we will see significantly higher prices here in a few weeks, months or years if the NFT market continues to thrive and the crypto lottery a la Lucky Block changes the gaming world.

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