Olympus: P2E NFT game similar to Clash Royale makes headlines

If you’m a fan of PVP 3D tower rush games, the name Clash Royale will definitely mean something to you. After all, with over 500 million downloads, it’s probably the most popular tower rush game ever.

Now imagine Clash Royale as a free-to-play model with gameplay based on Greek mythology. Then add an economically rewarding game-to-earn element on top and tada! Here’s the Olympus Game for you!

With the support it has already received from well-known investors, Olympus is already one of the most promising P2E NFT games to be released in 2022. As expected, the ICO for the game’s native token $ OLYMP also attracted attention.

If you are considering participating in the $ OLYMP ICO or trying the game on your own, this objective review will hopefully help dispel your doubts.

What is the Olympus Game?

Olympus is a player vs. player, 3D tower rush game based on Greek mythology. It promises fast and addictive online gameplay that requires real-time strategy. It is built on a BNB chain and will soon be available for smartphone and desktop.

The gameplay

Your main goal in the game is to destroy the pillars of your opponent’s temples while protecting the pillars of your own temples. Watch this short video to know the story of the game:

Each player makes a game of eight cards. They can then use these cards to destroy enemy temples. To participate in the P2E part of the game, you must first purchase the P2E Preliminary Booster with your $ OLYMP. The eight cards in the first set are identical for all players.

With each win, you earn rewards in the form of tokens in the game $ OLYMPG. The amount of $ OLYMPG tokens you get as a reward depends on your level (the higher your level, the more rewards you get).

After every sixth victory you win a box. These boxes can contain cards that enhance your existing grades or unlock new ones. With each upgrade of the maps, you improve your character traits. But you can also decide to sell the tickets. Then you stay at the same level as before.

Free to play

If you do not want to participate in the P2E part of the game, you can still enjoy the game for free. In this case, you do not need to purchase a P2E booster. However, you can only play in the game’s free-to-play section against other players who have selected the same category.

Wait, there’s more!

During the game, you can also borrow cards or card games from Olympus Games’ own Scholarship Marketplace if you wish. This will improve your status and allow you to play against P2E players.

You do not have to make a large investment to borrow cards from the Scholarship Marketplace. After each win, however, you may need to share a portion of your reward in the form of $ OLYMPG tokens with the lender.

Olympus charges a 10% fee for every $ OLYMPG token you win with rented cards.

Different ways to increase your profits

The P2E aspect of the game is anything but one-dimensional. Besides winning matches, there are many other ways to make money. For example, you can lend your cards to other players through the Scholarship Marketplace. Alternatively, you can upgrade your cards by constantly winning and then reselling them.

The Olympus team and the investors

Unlike many projects in the blockchain and crypto space, the Olympus team has come out to ensure an optimal level of transparency. And as you can see, the team consists of some experienced professionals with considerable experience in the gaming industry.

The team also claims to have partnered with an “established game studio with 15+ years of experience and over 450 completed projects.”

It is also worth mentioning in this context that the project is supported by BD Multimedia. A France-based company that has reportedly had the best performance on the Paris Stock Exchange over the past year.

All in all, Olympus ticks all the boxes in relation to the team and the investors who support the project.

A game focused on eSports competitions

The Olympus team has a challenging roadmap for its fans who enjoy participating in major eSports competitions. The game even aims to be the first P2E title to offer major eSports rewards.

Olympus already claims to have set aside $ 50 million OLYMP tokens as rewards for eSports competitions. With the base price at the end of the ICO, $ OLYMP 50 million equals about $ 4 million.

And that’s just the basic price. The team is convinced that the amount will be much higher. The price of $ OLYMP can rise significantly once the game launches and catches on the big markets.

Olympus tokens

There are two tokens in the Olympus Game. Both are on one BNB chain:

  • $ OLYMP: As previously explained, $ OLYMP is the form of government in the Olympus ecosystem. The tokenet fulfills several tasks. You can use it to, among other things, buy the P2E Booster Pack, vote on community decisions, buy NFTs on the game’s NFT Marketplace, and earn stakes rewards.
  • $ OLYMPG: This is the P2E token that you get by winning the game. You can use $ OLYMPG to buy boxes or upgrade cards. You also get $ OLYMPG when someone wins a match with your card game that you borrowed through the scholarship program. Note that new players must win at least 20 games and wait 12 days to receive their $ OLYMPG rewards in their wallet.

$ OLYMPG Tokenomics and ICO

Source: Olympus.game

The Olympus team appears to have established a well-calibrated release schedule to ensure the healthy and sustainable long-term growth of the $ OLYMP track.

Release Details:

Private ICO & seed sales 10% TGE + 0.15% unlocked daily
launch pad 10% TGE + 0.15% unlocked daily
stack rewards Locked for 1 month, released linearly over 36 months
game output Locked for 1 month, unlocked linearly over 12 months
Adviser Blocked for 6 months, linear release over 18 months
Team Wallet Locked for 12 months, linear weekly release over 24 months
Discoveries of the ecosystem 2 week lock, linear weekly release of 10% over 12 months
liquidity No release
eSports rewards No division for winners: 10% TGE + 0.15% unlocked per. day
Source: Olympus.game

$ OLYMPG ICO details

The first phase of the three-phase $ OLYMP ICO started on April 30, 2022. For the first 72 hours, it was only available to whitelisted users, after which the investment window was opened to all. KYC is mandatory for all investors. For $ 0.05 per. the token is the goal of the first phase to secure $ 500,000.

The second phase starts on May 30 with the goal of securing $ 1 million at a token price of $ 0.065. KYC is also mandatory in this phase.

For both rounds, connect to your wallet on the $ OLYMP ICO website and provide your KYC data.

The third phase is the public phase in which no KYC is required to participate. The goal of this round is to secure $ 1 million at a token price of $ 0.08.

So as you can see, with its promising gameplay, generous player earning potential and seemingly healthy tokenomics, the Olympus Games looks to be a high quality P2E NFT title.

Of course, the game is still under development and we are waiting until the official launch to form an informed opinion about its long-term potential. So far, however, the outlook is very promising.

To learn more about the project, take a look at the Olympus White Paper. You can also join the Olympus community on Discord for news and updates.


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