Preview of Realm of Damnation

Diablo Immortal celebrates its release on June 2, 2022

and there is good news! For Hell RPG is shown not only for phones and mobile devices but also for PC. Diablo Immortal tells brand new stories from Sanctuary’s mysterious world that you can experience with six character classes. You can initially choose between the barbarian, the crusader, the demon hunter, the monk, the necromancer and the magician. There are also eight different zones waiting for you to explore. On your adventures you will meet famous characters like Deckard Caid, but you will also meet new characters and villains.

The opening story of Diablo Immortal (buy now ) sends you on a quest to find the glow of the world stone, the artifact that created the Sanctuary. After exploring frozen wastelands, rotting swamps and cemeteries flooded with the undead, your adventure eventually leads you to areas that closed beta players have yet to see. Developer Ryan Quinn, Diablo Immortal Narrative Designer and Art Director Hunter Schulz guide you through the infernalism of the blog on Blizzard’s official website the realm of condemnation.

To the realm of condemnation is the personal realm of a demon lord. It’s the place in the burning hell where skarn, the mastermind behind the hunt for World Stone Shards, is the prosecutor, judge and (most often) executioner at once. At the end of the Frozen Tundra questline, her skarn follows her to his cave and reveals his plans for humanity and the World Stone. However, you do not meet the Lord of Doom himself immediately or all of his strengths.

Of course, it’s always tempting to design the Land of Hell in a very specific mood. It must always be clearly recognizable whether you are in hell or not. But the zones off Diablo Immortal are very large and we believe that visual variation is an important element to make your journey more interesting and make it easier to remember specific places and memorable moments.

First you have to fight your way under the winding treetops in the forest of Sorgen. Here lurk demons who have failed Skarn and whose bodies have been fused together in his kingdom as punishment as Raspy and Gnarled Puppets.

Pronounced by James Goode in English, Old Growth is the biggest and most feared threat in the forest.

Source: Blizzard

We have tried to match the design of the creature in Realm of Doom to the colors and shapes of the surroundings, giving you a change from the classic reddish demon style you will find elsewhere in Burning Hells.

We wanted these minions to feel like a natural part of the environment, or at least as if they were shaped by it.

Years ago, a group of angel guardians discovered the realm of condemnation as it was formed out of the chaos of hellfire. They were cut off from the high sky and stuck there. However, they succeeded in establishing an outpost in Skarn’s homeland. Leave the forest of grief behind and join the survivors in their besieged cave: The Last Trace.

Some angels are waiting for rescue in the besieged shelter.

Some angels are waiting for rescue in the besieged shelter.

Source: Blizzard

Verathiel, the angel of the angel of war, is relentless, and her party has hunted down demonic threats beyond the battlefields of eternity for eternity. But never before have they faced a challenge like being trapped alone in the realm of condemnation. Carrying the angel dagger Yl’nira gives you the opportunity to get some new allies in Hell … by rescuing them from a truly awful fate.

Skarn, Lord of Damnation

Skarn, Lord of Damnation, as a painting by Brom.

Skarn, Lord of Damnation, as painted by Brom.

Source: Blizzard

At the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the archangel Tyrael realized that the world stone could not be saved and destroyed it before he could destroy the entire Sanctuary. The resulting catastrophe deprived Tyrael of its physical form and destroyed Mount Arreat and much of the north. Skarn wants nothing more than to possess every piece of the world stone.

However, not much is known about him. With the defeat of the great evils in Diablo II A war for supremacy broke out in hell without any clear winner emerging, even though Azmodan and Belial, for example, were able to expand their dominance enormously. Skarn has benefited greatly from this time, but demonologists do not know whether he himself led an army of hell or simply exploited the conflict to claim a greater share of hell for himself. Most people do not even know his name.

It is certain, however, that Skarn is showing great interest in humanity. Within a few years, he has amassed a massive cult of followers who use manipulation and decoys to swell up in their ranks across the western kingdoms. You almost hold the creative power in your hands.

The sound of the realm of condemnation

Our sound team has worked hard to ensure that you can not only see, but hear, Skarn’s cruelty and heinous plans in every corner of this zone.

More hell creatures from Diablo Immortal.

More hell creatures from Diablo Immortal.

Source: Blizzard

Once you enter the realm of condemnation itself, you will hear much more from Skarn and Verathiel, spoken in English by Steve Blum and Kimberly Brooks.

Nothing about this environment is inviting. It’s a cemetery with bones and jagged stones! Here only thin layers separate you from the burning core lurking beneath you.

Skarns kingdom is packed with activities and wilderness games that you would find in other zones of immortal by: hiding places, bounties, events, quests and lots of prey.

Nothing about this environment is inviting.  It's a cemetery with bones and jagged stones!

Nothing about this environment is inviting. It’s a cemetery with bones and jagged stones!

Source: Blizzard

The zones in Diablo Immortal are huge areas full of enemies, events, hiding places and treasures. To give you an impression: In red you can see the contours of the fields of misery Diablo IIIthe outline of the realm of condemnation is blue.

You will also face unique challenges that can only be found in Hell. demon gates appear in random places in the accursed kingdom several times a day. To strengthen his army, Skarn has opened its doors wide open to demons from other kingdoms in the burning hell. Demons will appear from portals throughout the zone for a period of time. With a group of three, you can crush them where they spawn, and then use their gates themselves to kill the rest before they can expand the Legions of Doom. These battles are dynamic challenges with powerful rewards waiting for you. They can also be used to get bonus swaps up to three times a day.

New Prison: Pit of Torment

Zaka is a giant monster lurking in the realm of condemnation for careless adventurers.

Zaka is a giant monster lurking in the realm of condemnation for careless adventurers.

Source: Blizzard

No less important to Skarn’s plans are these pits of torment. They are breeding grounds for Abyssal Behemoths in the depths of Hell. In this zone you can explore one of these pits as a dungeon. Once you get close to them, you’ll have to face knife-wielding demonic cultivators and take on a boss that fills your entire screen while being able to spill more blood than anyone else in the game.

Zaka is one of the most formidable enemies you will encounter in Doomed Realm. This illustration can not give you a real impression of its size, and in the fight a surprising twist awaits you. We look forward to your response!

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