NFT Games Android & iOS: You can easily make money with these five games

Make Money With Games? Many people have been dreaming about this for years. If you were not a professional gamer or not focused on streaming, this option was closed to you. But with the establishment of blockchain games and the Play-2-Earn concept, more and more people are getting the chance to make money with popular games. An increasingly common type of game is the so-called NFT games, in which the non-fungible tokens (NFT) play an important role.

But what are NFT games? What is special about this game development and which games are suitable for making money? In the following article, we address exactly these issues and present five exciting NFT games for Android & iOS.

What are NFT games?

NFT Games is a development in blockchain games. With the innovative blockchain as a decentralized network at the center, the games’ data is stored unchanged. All players can then track the transactions. Various blockchain games are available as dApps, all of which are based on a layer 1 blockchain.

The NFT games require another design tool that is used in many blockchain games – the so-called non-fungible tokens. These reflect the ownership structure of the blockchain game. NFT games are primarily based on these assets, which can, for example, represent avatars, real estate, gadgets or tickets.

Five exciting NFT games for Android and iOS

NFT games for Android & iOS promise future potential for players who can make money through Play-2-Earn, for example. At the same time, it is possible to sell the NFTs profitably if their value develops successfully. But which NFT games for Android and iOS are exciting and really offer sustainable potential?

1. Lucky Block NFTs: Lifetime Ticket to Crypto Lotteries

Not exactly a typical NFT game, but still very exciting are the Lucky Block NFTs. Because this is a crypto lottery that Lucky Block wants to build as an innovative crypto project. The LBLOCK token was launched earlier this year. This developed excellently, so that there was a return of over 6000% for early investors in the meantime.

The first NFT collection from Lucky Block was then launched – Platinum Rollers Club Edition. A total of 10,000 NFTs are available, offering unique tickets with access to the crypto lottery in the NFT raffle. There is a lifetime ticket for the NFT owners. From now on, they can participate in the crypto lotteries, which are scheduled to start in May 2022. A total of 2% of the transaction fees collected by Lucky Block will be distributed in the NFT lottery in the future.

2. Splinterlands: The most addictive NFT card game

Splinterlands is also one of the best NFT games of 2022. The NFT card game now has a market value of over $ 40 million and is therefore one of the largest NFT games that can be attributed to the “Card Game Strategy” category. At Splinterlands, players have the opportunity to make money with the popular trading cards. These are designed as unique non-fungible tokens.

The goal is to combine the benefits of physical and digital games. Players can play Splinterlands anywhere, anytime. The same goes for trading the NFT cards. Anyone can join Splinterlands thanks to easy accessibility and make money in the future. In total, there has already been prize money of over five million euros. Splinterlands fully relies on the play-to-earn concept to provide players with daily earnings.

3. Monsta Infinte: Decentralized game universe with play-to-earn

One of the best NFT games for iOS and Android is Monsta Infinite. As a blockchain and NFT based puzzle, the market value is still less than two million US dollars. Recently, there has been a massive corrective movement. Anyone who is convinced of the potential of the NFT game Monsta Infinite could now find a good access option.

Monster infinite

As a decentralized NFT game for Android & iOS, it is not a conventional card game. Instead, you combine a fighting card game with puzzle elements. Players benefit from an exciting combat experience in the game. Three terms are used to increase acceptance:

  • Play for Social
  • Play to control
  • Play to earn

4. League of Kingdoms: NFT game for Android and iOS for strategy fans

With a market value of over 60 million euros, League of Kingdoms is one of the most popular NFT games in 2022. Despite a major correction at LOKA in the last 24 hours, it is already an established NFT game for strategy fans playing this on iOS and Android devices as well as in the browser.

League of Kingdoms is a strategy game where players own digital assets like NFTs and battle against other players. At the same time, players will also be allowed to influence the further development of the League of Kingdoms as part of the governance process. Purchase of LAND is possible as NFT. At the same time, you can use a Drago to generate daylight saving time. This is an algorithmic stablecoin. The NFT game’s native token is LOKA.

Step App (FITFI): Move to Earn Games for Smartphone Users

The Step app (FITFI) is an NFT game that is enjoying great popularity. The price of the native token FITFI has fallen by about 5% in the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, the move-to-earn NFT game is one of the most popular crypto games of 2022. The Step app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The concept is similar to the popular cryptocurrency STEPN, which has become a top 100 currency in recent weeks.

The number of registered users is currently approaching the three million. The motto is:

“Exercise, socialize, farm, play & earn”.

We are currently in the middle of the announced roadmap and launch of the Genesis NFTs as a beta. The mainnet including NFT Market will be launched in the third quarter. With well-known partners, they want to increase awareness of the Step app and offer participants the opportunity to make money with more exercise and Move-2-Earn.

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