Foam rubber for handicrafts: good activity for children

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Crafting with foam rubber: In this way, children are guaranteed not to get bored

Children make handicrafts with foam rubber

Kids love making crafts: Large works of art can be conjured up with foam rubber

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Making with foam rubber is fun for kids. Meanwhile, there are even amazing adhesive kits that even the smallest craft fans can easily use to create beautiful images.

Foam rubber is ideal for handicrafts. Many craft ideas, however, cater to children who should already be able to handle scissors and glue. Not these mosaics – so much the more reason to love them.

Craft foam: These sets are available

Making foam rubber can keep your kids busy for hours. Motifs are sought, drawn, cut out and pasted. But what about the youngest who are not yet comfortable using “tools”? For them, there are colorful foam rubber sets with ready-made motifs, foam rubber stickers cut to size and easy to implement. Just put the self-adhesive foam rubber on the assigned number and you are done!

Best of all, the kids create a beautiful image that they can proudly show off and hang up. These sets often already contain adhesive brackets, which then only need to be attached to the wall.

Another advantage of the foam rubber sets for applied art is that even younger children can quickly get a handle on them all on their own. Depending on the situation and opportunities, you can decide for yourself whether you want to work with your child or children or let them do it independently and thus have some time for their own tasks.

Wild West: Tiger, Elephant and Co.

This set with wild jungle dwellers is particularly suitable as an introduction or for very young children. Only three different colors and only rectangular foam rubber stickers make it easier for the little ones to get their first picture. They are still cute to look at, no doubt.

Set of 12 pieces with many simple motifs

Once your kids enjoy making foam rubber, they will not stop. Well, if so such one set of 12 is at hand. The possibilities are by no means exhausted. Because this set focuses on the basic colors and rectangles, it is easy to do without parental help. A good activity, for example, for rainy Sundays, days when the day care center is closed or public holidays.

Fairies, princesses and mermaids

Glitter is a hit with many children. If this too feer, unicorns, mermaids or princess dresses, the enthusiasm can hardly be stopped. Of course, the manufacturers of foam rubber craft kits know this too. Therefore, there are countless amazing motifs that your kids will definitely be excited about.

Foam rubber animals: dog, cat, horse

Horse lovers can find out many different things Horse mosaics made of foam rubber. This set, which consists of four individual motifs, provides endless craft fun with more than 2000 (!) Foam rubber stickers.

Dog lovers also come with one when they make foam rubber Mosaic set entirely at her / his expense. This one is kept quite simple, making it ideal for smaller children and beginners. While the 384 self-adhesive foam rubber stickers are rectangular and easy to identify, the set is complemented by 15 gemstones. These provide a little more bling-bling. It makes children’s hearts beat faster.

If your kids prefer cats, that’s not a problem. The cute motif of a small domestic cat is easy to implement even with the little ones and can be decorated with the decorative stones. To Foam Craft Kit also has a stand so you can put the work in the spotlight.

High up: With foam rubber and a rocket

Your young astronauts can go up to the stars with The foam rocket for crafts. A total of five motifs (including other high-flying motifs such as helicopters and airplanes) are age-appropriate, especially for younger children.

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