Change PS5 themes and LED colors (quick and easy)

Are you longing for more customization options on your favorite console? Despite the modern look, it is a completely understandable wish if you Change PS5 theme will have. Also, if you’re wondering if you can customize the LED colors on the latest PlayStation, then you’ve come to the right place.

Change PS5 design: is it possible at all?

Adjusting the design was already extremely popular on the previous model of the current next-generation console from Sony. In no time at all, you were able to personalize the color, the background image, even entire subject blocks in the presentation to your liking. So it’s no wonder PS5 owners are wondering if and how the design should change.

As a special pleasure when it comes to the appearance of the fifth PlayStation edition, the inventors at Sony have hidden bright LEDs behind the sleek hourglass design, which can even shine in different colors. Even with them, the question arises whether the color of the lights can be adjusted manually. But more on that later.

As for the question of whether the PS5 design can be changed, first the rather sober answer: So far, there is no (official) way to change the background image on PlayStation 5, your own colors or even an entire one that fundamentally changes the interface visually, select theme. To the shock of the global community, who have been able to get used to the personalization options since PlayStation 3 before being torn from them again with the PS5.

Customize PS5 LED colors: The options

Before you make any hopes: Apart from the denied option to change the design of your PS5, it is also not possible to adjust the console LEDs in any way. In contrast to the uniform appearance of the user interface, there are good reasons for this.

The colors of the LED lights behind the side panels of the PS5 matter. For example, they tell you about the different modes your console may be in at the moment. But what do the colors really stand for?

  • white: If your PS5 is shining brightly, you can be sure that it is fully booted and has no other issues.
  • Blue: Even with a blue glow, you do not have to worry at all. If you start the PS5, the LEDs will first flash in the sky color.
  • orange: If your PS5 is constantly lit in an orange hue, it is most likely in sleep mode. If it flashes orange, it is about to switch to this. We will also explain how to turn them off properly.
  • Red: You should be concerned if your PlayStation 5’s LEDs fade red as it tells you that your console is overheated. So before you run into serious issues or even damage the device permanently, we recommend that you take a break.

More personalization possible in the future

If you’re already hanging your head because the PS5 design can not be changed, we understand you well. But there is consolation: it is quite likely that in the future it will be possible to choose not only wallpapers, but also entire themes for PlayStation 5 to your liking. The console is still relatively young, so an update of this kind can not be ruled out.

However, when it comes to customizing your console’s LED colors, things are on the gloomy side. The status display thanks to the different colored lights is too important to be able to do without it. When your console is overheated, of course, you want to find out as soon as possible. However, there are some DIY tutorials on YouTube that will help you if you still want to adjust the colors.

Even if you can not change the PS5 design (yet): The backward compatibility of PlayStation 5 can leave you overlooking this. And after all, we should even expect an alternative model in black piano lacquer look in the future. So it will be interesting to see if and how the developers will allow us to further personalize the style of our favorite console in the future.

Sources: own research

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