Roadtrip with Michelin: Costa Brava

What do decks and star kitchens have in common? A Michelin road trip along the Costa Brava provides the answer.

First I had to smile a little. Why are there bikes in front of our starting point in La Bisbal d’Empordà, Spain? We are not going to cycle the 130 kilometer long road trip to Barcelona, ​​are we? No, these bikes are for a little ride in advance. Although motorcycles are also available for road trip, I am much more interested in the cars lined up. Michelin ensures the best possible contact with the ground for pretty much anything that requires tires – from bikes to space shuttles. More on the topic: Our product tips on Amazon

Leslie checks out the Porsche GTS models in the video:

Roadtrip with Michelin on the Costa Brava

My first choice is the Mercedes-AMG A 35. The 306 horsepower on the supercharged four-cylinder promises a lot of driving pleasure. But to get the power out on the road, the right tire is also crucial – it is, after all, the only contact with the road. The fitted Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires must prove themselves on the first stage of the road trip. The winding country road I drive on was formerly used as a race track – perfect for giving the compact sports car the tracks and speeding up. Left, right, left, right: the g-forces push me into the sports seat. But no matter how ambitious I take a curve, the tires and with them the Mercedes just stick to the asphalt. The typical squeak of the tires? Stay away from. I have a clue: to get the most out of the team, it takes a lot more than these few strain changes. With rugged cliffs on my right and the Mediterranean on my left, the road leads me towards Lloret de Mar. Fun facts: Michelin published its first driving license as early as 1910, and got the idea for a travel guide to the most beautiful and popular routes in France. Today, the Michelin Green Guide is available for 32 countries. The panorama seduces me to a brief stop to let my gaze wander over the turquoise sparkling sea, feel the sun on my skin and let the wind blow through my hair.

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Roadtrip with Michelin: Costa Brava
The lively Z4 and the gripping Michelin are part of a symbiosis. Photo: Michelin

From Michelin tires to star kitchens

Wuuusch, my hair is flying in the wind again: I’m sitting in an open BMW Z4 now. As you know, the joy of driving only lasts as long as you are not hungry. My rumbling stomach asserts itself and drowns out the feeling of unlimited freedom that I feel with the roadster under the Spanish sun. Fortunately, the center of Barcelona is not far away. The thought of the star kitchen increases my expectation of arrival. The restaurant “Cocina Hermanos Torres” is described in the restaurant and hotel guide “Guide Michelin” as “top cuisine” “worth a detour”. Brothers Javier and Sergio Torres run the kitchen and have been awarded two Michelin stars. As if that were not enough, I can taste the star cuisine and help create an appetizer of crispy Iberico ham and truffles. Under supervision, I fry small pieces of dough until they are crispy brown and top them with a wafer-thin piece of Iberico ham. The scent of short flambéed truffle fills the entire room. I can finally try. The crispy bottom cracks when you bite into it and the buttery ham literally melts on my tongue. With the fresh truffle, it gives a real taste experience in the mouth – and whets the appetite for more. I enjoy the other courses as a guest and observe the sight of the two-star kitchen. It looks like a precision machined Swiss movement.

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Roadtrip with Michelin: Costa Brava
Javier and Sergio Torres let Leslie Schraut taste the star cuisine. Photo: Michelin

Ingredients should be in the ideal relationship with each other

Deck and star kitchen are not only connected by the Michelin brand. When cooking and producing a tire, the ingredients that should be in the ideal ratio are crucial. For the chef of a restaurant, the pursuit of perfection can result in a price of up to three Michelin stars. In the case of a tire like the Michelin Pilot Sport 5, the constant optimization of the approximately 200 ingredients ensures improved durability and increased performance on dry and above all wet roads – and ideally also a good rating in the AUTO ZEITUNG tire test. The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in both cases. Michelin wants to replace the crude oil content of tires with renewable and recyclable materials by 2050. In addition, the rolling resistance of their tires should increasingly reduce a vehicle’s fuel and power consumption. Since 2020, the “green Michelin star” has been awarded to kitchens that pay special attention to the cultivation, animal husbandry, transportation or processing of the products used. The Torres brothers also received this award. Filled with cardboard, I leave her restaurant. After a few steps out on the street, I take a deep breath of Barcelona’s spring night air. What an incredibly good day!

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