NRW Election 2022: Serious Criticism of Gebauer! “They are our children”


NRW election 2022: Harsh criticism of Minister Gebauer! “Severely disabled people lost their exams”

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14/05/2022 at 20:20

North Rhine-Westphalia State Parliament: This is where decisions are made

North Rhine-Westphalia State Parliament: This is where decisions are made

The political power center of North Rhine-Westphalia is located in Düsseldorf. But how long has that been the case, and how many politicians are actually sitting in the state parliament.

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Bochum. Huge bag in front NRW election 2022!

The individual web school in Bochum is unique, it brings children from all over Germany who are chronically or mentally ill to success in school via video chat. But because there were reportedly too many examinees this summer, Arnsberg’s administrative district decided to cancel the final exams because they were overwhelmed.

The school had defended itself in court and would not ruin the degree of its examinees. Now NRW School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (55, FDP) sees herself in front NRW election 2022 faced with the accusation of having robbed 60 young people, some of whom were severely disabled, of having graduated …

NRW election 2022: Harsh criticism of school minister Gebauer!

In order: The web individual school in Bochum has been active for 20 years, until now the exams under the NRW School Act have never been a problem. However, after the number of examinees increased, the Arnsberg administrative district asked the examinees to register only for the final examination in their respective federal states. Principal Sarah Lichtenberger raged against DER WESTEN: “Our students, who have been preparing for years, have no chance of graduating because the subject combinations in the federal states are completely different. Without an education, they can not start their training in the summer. ”

Lichtenberger has made Education Minister Gebauer responsible: “During the lockdown, all universities offered distance and digital exams, but according to the Ministry of Education, we are not allowed to do so, even though we have been teaching in this way for years. It is an absurdity and an injustice that we will defend ourselves against. In this situation, no one thinks about the children and their future. It is an absolute dead end for them. ” Compromise proposals such as renting large rooms for exams or using retired teachers as honorary judges were also rejected by the authorities.


The most important information about the NRW state election 2022:

  • The NRW election will take place on 15 May 2022.
  • In 2017, the black-yellow coalition of the CDU and FDP gained the majority.
  • Armin Laschet replaced Hannelore Kraft as Prime Minister. His successor Hendrik Wüst was elected in October.
  • SPD top candidate Thomas Kutschaty wants Wüst to step down from the Düsseldorf Chancellery immediately.
  • Five factions are currently represented in the state parliament: CDU, SPD. FDP, Greens and AfD.


NRW election 2022: Headmistress makes up for politics – “Young people with severe disabilities lost their exams”

After all: Gebauer’s ministry gave up shortly before – at least for this school year. Lichtenberger relieved DER WESTEN: “It was worth it, we are the moral winners. We will have to keep fighting in the coming years, but I am optimistic. Yvonne Gebauer will be confronted before the election with the claim that 60 young people, some of whom are severely disabled, missed their exams. ” Namely, those who had withdrawn from their exams.

Annett Porzel (53) from Bavaria is also relieved. Her son Marlon (18) is autistic, cannot be taught at a regular school, and took his final exams at the individual web school in Bochum a few days ago. The 53-year-old describes to DER WESTEN that she is worried about being admitted to the exam: “We had a plan B if Marlon really should not have been allowed to be tested. We should have registered him in Bavaria as requested. But Bayern have completely different exam criteria, Marlon would have had to learn a whole subject more in his preparation. ” In her opinion, it was almost impossible for him to have passed like that.

NRW election 2022: mother of an autistic son out of anger – “It’s about our children”

Marlon and all the other young people would have given their all in two years and despite Corona for being ideally prepared by the time of the exam. Annett Porzel: “Arnsberg’s administrative district said that control would have been too much administrative work. I’m just scratching my head! It’s about our children, it’s about inclusion. You still have a rocky path in life – and the country wants put up obstacles again? ”


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As the mother of an autistic son, she knows there is more to it than just graduation. She goes on to explain: “The children have different problems, can not be taught ideally in mainstream schools and have different needs. They wanted to distribute the children throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. But that would have increased the burden – a foreign city, a foreign school, just the foreign building can be scary. ”

Improvement after the NRW election 2022?

She calls for the establishment and support of additional individual schools and criticizes the lack of communication between parents and the state: “No one has ever spoken to us parents, neither from the ministry nor from the administrative circle. We learned everything from school. Politics must rethink as soon as possible. The system must adapt to the students whose inclusion is a top priority. I lacked empathy. “


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Now one must hope that all examinees successfully complete their qualifications. And that there will not only be a new way of thinking in NRW …

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