Insider on the relationship between BVB and Haaland: “Know how games work”

Erling Haaland is likely to leave Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season.

Erling Haaland is likely to leave Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season. Photo: / Philipp Szyza


Luke Grybowski

The winter transfer window is usually a bit quieter than the summer. Especially in Corona times, the clubs think very carefully in the winter whether a transfer makes sense. The player must help the club immediately.

Above all, disgruntled players spend this time and can be rented or sold in search of more playing time. Or they or their advisers air their dissatisfaction with the current situation in interviews.

Erling Haaland is not to be sold or loaned right now, and yet there has probably not been a day in recent weeks without speculation about the star striker from Borussia Dortmund.

“He reads so many things about himself that are just guesswork or speculation. It can happen that your collar bursts and something slips out.”

Media consultant Jürgen Knappenberger at Erling Haaland

“Turn”, “Agreement” or “Decision made” – when it comes to rumors about Erling Haaland’s future, the Norwegian striker would have wanted to switch to FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester City.

The surprising thing was much more: Haaland publicly comments on his sports plans. Only two weeks ago in an interview with the Norwegian streaming service Viaplay directly after the 5-1 victory over Freiburg, then last week again in a longer interview that his home country’s platform played exclusively on Sky. He also spoke to the American television network ESPN about his future.

This is not surprising for media consultant Jürgen Knappenberger, but in fact a completely normal process. Especially since the Dortmund bosses knew exactly how to handle it.

Pino Colada and work in the field

At first glance, the behavior resembles a media offensive by the Norwegian. He often only gives short one-syllable answers in interviews directly after the games.

“He regularly gives longer interviews, especially in international media. This is not so well known in Germany unless there is a statement that can be interpreted in a particular direction“, Says media consultant Jürgen Knappenberger.

With his agency “spiritual communication” he advises among others RB Leipzig coach Dominico Tedesco, VfB Stuttgart professional Waldemar Anton or ex-DFB player Kevin Kuranyi.

And right now you can read that the Norwegian likes to eat kebabs and drink pina colada. He will end his career in Bryne in Norway and then own a farm with cows.

Haaland should not comment at all, because according to Knappenberger, the attacker no longer has to make his profile public with statements.

Until recently, the star striker was reluctant to comment on his future. So did many more advisers Mino Raiola and father Alf Inge, who also visited the managers of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in April last year to raise public attention.

Haaland’s statements two weeks ago were all the more surprising when he accused BVB executives of putting pressure on him when deciding on his future. Especially when he did not take his criticism of those responsible in Dortmund back in the renewed conversation with Viaplay.

I do not mind diving into it. It was time for me to say something. Many have talked about me, but for me everything has been said. Now let’s move on, “he said recently.

But Haaland could not even afford to say anything. “It would not change his market value a bit. You do not have to profile players in his category anymore, so I do not think that is what drives him,” explains the media consultant, who is well networked in the Bundesliga.

According to Knappenberger, it will be quite normal for a small outbreak to occur. “He reads so many things about himself that are just guesswork or speculation. It can happen that your collar breaks and something slips out that you do not believe or is misjudged.”

BVB knows the situation for Lewandowski, Aubameyang or Götze

The 21-year-old Norwegian has not yet left Borussia Dortmund in the winter transfer window and is under contract with BVB until 30 June 2024. However, he can leave Dortmund next summer for a release clause of € 75 million.

Dortmund’s CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke and Sports Director Michael Zorc have repeatedly contradicted that they would put pressure on Haaland.

“Obviously we do not want to wait until this summer to know what his decision will be.”

BVB Sports Director Michael Zorc

According to Knappenberger, those responsible for BVB would behave completely correctly. “You can guess what’s going on.” After all, there have always been players in the black and yellow like Mario Götze, Robert Lewandowski or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the past who created a lot of excitement and speculation about the club.

“They know exactly how the game is going and whether their athlete is doing something or it’s just the everyday circus around him,” Knappenberger explains.

BVB and Haaland’s environment on the same wavelength

For the relationship between Borussia Dortmund and Haaland and his environment is not burdened by his statements. “You are on the same wavelength as him and have a good connection to his environment,” knows Knappenberger.

Erling Haaland (left) High fives with sports director Michael Zorc.

Erling Haaland (left) High fives with sports director Michael Zorc.Photo: / Maik Hölter / TEAM2sportphoto

And then Haaland adviser Mino Raiola made it clear in early December that he and BVB boss Watzke would quarrel in a professional context, but “I would even call Watzke a good friend.”

Nevertheless, Zorc made it clear on Sky that a decision must be made immediately. “Obviously we do not want to wait until this summer to know what his decision will behe will also understand that, it is completely normal in football. “

The question then is whether Haaland himself will be in charge of the communication of the transfer, or whether he will leave it to Dortmund and his future club.

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