How should CoinEx Futures hold up in the midst of rising cryptocurrency competition?

Futures trading has risen sharply over the past year. Thanks to the cryptocurrency in 2021, a wide range of decentralized projects thrived, catalyzing the growth of the futures market. As the bull market progressed, the futures market remained popular throughout 2021. At present, it has even surpassed the spot market and has become the preferred investment tool among crypto users. Meanwhile, futures trading volume has reached new heights despite becoming a bear market. Multiplying returns by trading futures is one of the most important ways to take advantage of a bear market.

As the possibilities for cryptocurrencies become more known in the market, the competition in this category has intensified. With the growing number of crypto investors entering the futures market, the major crypto trading platforms are in the midst of intense competition. Today’s futures market is one giant cake, and only platforms with solid products can snatch more shares.

As a long-standing crypto-trading platform, CoinEx started investing in the futures category a long time ago and is committed to developing better futures products. The exchange is one of the leading global crypto-trading platforms with a comprehensive range of products and services. With a long-term view as the spot market flourished, CoinEx ventured into the derivatives market to offer users versatile crypto products and services. This also laid a solid foundation for the growth of CoinEx Futures. In 2021, CoinEx futures trading volume increased by 6,840% year-on-year, a huge breakthrough.

How should CoinEx stand out in a market where the major crypto trading platforms are struggling to win more share of the futures market?

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In the past, large trading platforms had an absolute advantage when competing with competitors in a new field thanks to their strong financial reserves and financing opportunities. The industry giants also have more experience in the futures segment compared to less established platforms. Currently, the number of futures investors is increasing and their demand for futures products is also increasing. In addition to market recognition, investors’ interests depend on many other aspects. These include product experience, number of trading pairs available, financing rate provisions, auto-share leverage (ADL) mechanism, insurance benefits and platform liquidity. Ultimately, investors will realize that simple, user-friendly products and professional, compelling services are the key factors that attract them to a trading platform and encourage them to stay.

CoinEx recently updated its “Making Crypto Trading Easier” tagline, suggesting that CoinEx Futures will also move toward simplicity and ease of use through enhancements. By offering simple futures products, CoinEx will break down the high barrier to futures trading that investors previously believed in. At the same time, the stock exchange wants to make it possible for all crypto investors to easily trade futures and thereby take futures trading out of the area that is only reserved for professional traders.

Most users who have traded futures on CoinEx are happy with the simple, user-friendly features. First, thanks to its simple operation, convenient order placement and clear position information, CoinEx users can trade futures in an extremely smooth process, from the moment they open a position to the moment they close it. Second, before you start trading futures on CoinEx, users can quickly learn the key points through tutorials provided by the platform. This helps them avoid common pitfalls when trading futures. Finally, users can easily manage their positions thanks to CoinEx Futures’ comprehensive and user-friendly features, including TP & SL, one-click liquidation and futures calculator.

CoinEx now has over 100 futures markets where users can trade both linear and reverse contracts, with several trading pairs available. In addition, the stock exchange uses a unique pricing mechanism called “Mark Price”, which is determined by the futures price on many common platforms, which protects users from extraordinary market fluctuations.

Many users have the misconception that “simple, user-friendly products are never professional or safe”. In fact, the opposite is true – CoinEx futures are backed by strong risk control measures and security mechanisms that allow for smooth, safe and reliable futures trading and help traders take advantage of the first mover advantage. In this regard, it is worth noting that CoinEx has never experienced a security breach since its inception 5 years ago. Although many of the leading platforms have faced scandals such as security attacks, CoinEx has managed to maintain its system security so that all crypto users can trade futures on the stock exchange in a secure and stable manner.

Security is crucial to the existence and growth of crypto-trading platforms, while simple, user-friendly futures products are the cornerstone of the general crypto market. CoinEx is about to stand out from its peers in the midst of the tough competition.

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