Children run and donate to Ukraine: Wilmersdorf: primary school students run over 30,000 in the sponsored race

Pupils and teachers at the Ernst Habermann primary school in Prinzregentenstraße 33 started a very special campaign just before the Easter holidays. They organized a sponsored race to protect and help children in and from Ukraine. This raised 31,076 euros.

The weather played along and the elementary school students ran many laps in the schoolyard with enthusiasm and perseverance. They were encouraged on the one hand by self-made peace posters and on the other by the cheers and applause of the audience. A first class even raised 9,000 euros alone. Parents, other family members of the children and other supporters donated money for each round that was completed. The state sum of over 31,000 euros will benefit Unicef’s emergency aid in Ukraine. On May 12, a symbolic donation check was ceremoniously presented to Unicef.

Ulrike Linde, expert in Unicef ​​student races in Berlin, and Ann-Katrin Fahrenkamp, ​​head of Unicef-Berlin, accepted the check and thanked all the students, their sponsors and support teachers. In recognition of their achievement, they presented a certificate to headmistress Britta Møller. Later, the school will have a football signed by Julian Draxler. He did not reach the event on time.

Unicef ​​works in Ukraine and many neighboring countries to provide the essentials for refugee families. The aid organization sets up contact points for refugee children and their families along the escape routes in the border areas of several countries, for example in Moldova and Romania. In the contact points, so-called Blue Dots, Unicef ​​creates safe, child-friendly places where girls and boys can relax and play. Educated staff help the children to come to terms with their experiences and also take care of unaccompanied minor refugees. Mothers of young children can retire to sheltered rooms, for example to breastfeed and change children. In addition, families receive emergency items such as hygiene items and blankets there. The donation amount raised by Ernst Habermann Primary School will greatly support this relief effort.

Ann-Katrin Fahrenkamp from Unicef ​​Berlin, school principal Britta Moeller and the first graders are happy with the success of their sponsored race.
The students at Ernst Habermann Primary School ran many laps for Ukraine.  In the end, more than 30,000 euros were raised.

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