Apple iOS 16: All information about release, design, features

Apple is known for keeping details on new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks & Co. secret – so the surprise succeeds. One or the other rumor hit in the past. So what can you expect from the next big iPhone software update? IMTEST summarizes information, probabilities and rumors about Apple’s iOS 16 and provides an assessment.

Apple iOS 16: When’s It Coming?

In view of the annual tradition, Apple will probably also hold a WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in 2022, which will primarily be about apps and of course a new iOS. If the timing is similar to previous years, WWDC 2022 between June and July occur. The new iOS 16 is then available with the release of the new iPhones, which usually takes place in September of the year.

A rendering image of the iPhone 14

There are already rumors about Apple’s next iPhone 14. IMTEST has all the information and data.

The concept shows new Apple iOS 16

Although so far little is known about the new iOS 16, a little imagination is allowed. Italian designer Andrea Copellino probably thought so. True to the motto “There is still a lot to improve”, the concept presents unusual innovations. The time and date display of the lock screen also ends on the home screen. Multitasking and control center merge into a common overview that can be accessed with a swipe gesture. Also new widget sizes Is there.

iOS 16 home screen
New home screen with scroll function? Designer Copellino provides an overview of possible changes due to iOS 16. © ANDREA COPELLINO

New ironing movements and status bar

According to some rumors, at least the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 will not have a notch. The sensors for FaceID would then be below the display, ie not visible, while the front camera would be reduced to a small hole in the screen (punch hole). This would make more viewing area available. However, the new technology will also have consequences for operations. The notch currently separates two swipe motions. If the user swipes left from top to bottom, he comes to the notification center. If he wipes down to the right, he opens the control center. If the notch is omitted, so is the separation of the two wiping areas.

So one could think here Combination of notification center and control center, which the user calls up at the same time with just a swipe motion. There he could then, for example, switch between notifications and controls by swiping right or left. This would look like Widget and Notification Center on macOS.

All three S22 models side by side.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 family at a glance: all the data on the camera, screen, battery, prices and availability.

New design for Apple’s iOS 16?

iOS 14 has already received some fundamental innovations: For the first time, there are familiar widgets from Android to iOS that bring app information to the home screen. Installed apps are automatically sorted in the app library. So it is unlikely that iOS 16 will turn all of this upside down.

A new style is conceivable: According to rumors, it is app icons escape with macOS Big Sur with a flat icon design.

Apple could learn at least one optical innovation from Google’s Android: Since Android 12, the optical adaptation of the operating system has been even more important. How widgets recognize the colors of the background image and adjust themselves optically. Since Apple rarely and only minimally beautifies its operating system, new customization options would be like one color automatically a welcome extra.

Which iPhones will get iOS 16?

The question of which devices are supported and receive the update remains, of course, intriguing until the end. In terms of the range of updates, Apple is exemplary and usually provides iPhone updates for up to six years, such as the iPhone 6s running with the current iOS 15. Androids can only dream of this period.

But it will probably not be longer than these six years. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would then be left out, and all iPhones released after 2015 would receive the new update.

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