“It’s just nice to see the kids play”

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Of: Sebastian Schuch


“It’s just nice to see the kids play”
A match scene from the Merkur CUP preliminary round between TSV Schliersee (yellow) and FC Real Kreuth. © THOMAS PLETTENBERG

Local sports podcast special episode of the world’s biggest e-youth football tournament.

Föching – Last weekend, the preliminary round of the Merkur CUP took place at SF Föching after a two-year pandemic break. The local newspaper used this for a special episode of their local sports podcast Wadlbeisser, where contestants and former players share their Mercury CUP experiences with listeners. Some of the conversations were recorded on the spot, a conversation took place digitally.

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Harald Schwabe, department manager at the host SF Föchingwho should have organized the preliminary round in 2020: It was a shame not to run a Mercury CUP here for two years. It’s just nice to see the kids kick again.

… about the cancellation 2020: With our catering system, tournament management and groundskeeper, we are so well placed that we can respond quickly. So that was no problem.

… on the planning for 2022: According to the rules, we tried to start planning as early as possible. But we can respond to that within a few days, so I was not afraid. I’m glad so many parents are there.

Ralph Eckle from TuS Holzkirchen has for the first time registered a team from the district for the girls tournament: At many clubs I see that there are many girls of eight, nine or ten years. But many resign after a year. The boys usually have the ball at their feet when they are five years old, the girls move on later and they cannot make up for this deficit. If they then only play for the boys, they tend to fall behind, and if they then play for a girls team, they have a lot more fun and a completely different position of responsibility.

calf bites: The episode with TuS-Holzkirchen’s defender Alex Zetterer.

… the pioneering role: There has never been a girls team in the Miesbach district, so I thought it could not be. So I’m just the first one.

Stefan Hofinger, today A-Jugend TuS Holzkirchen, played for DJK Darching in Merkur CUP: The Mercury CUP used to be the best, if you can put it that way. There have always been hot fights, no matter where, no matter against whom. It was pure emotion. The Mercury CUP brought us children together. Once we have developed the team spirit as a team, football was a lot of fun.

Vroni Probst, today with the women from TuS Bad Aibling, played with SF Föching in the grand final: My biggest success was that we got to the finals in Unterhaching. I still remember clearly, we finished in eighth place, so last but we scored a goal against Bayern. It was really amazing.

Dominik von Maffei by SV Miesbach, on the Mercury CUP from the referee’s point of view: For us as a group of judges, it is extremely important to get the young judges to work there. Partly with experienced judges, so that the young generation can learn something from the “old hands” and get in the whistle. E-Jugend is a rewarding place to start, it is less fast, less physical than it is in A-Jugend. But the pressure is already there, when the parents and grandparents look outside, then there can be hoisting and a little protest. You have to honestly say that it happens in the Mercury CUP, we have the Value Book there. You have already noticed that more and more people in recent years are taking this to heart. I would also like to highlight the fair play league in F youth.see ya

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