GNTM 2022: After Heidi Klum was thrown out, the candidate fished for a job with a top designer

Because she did not get a job at GNTM 2022, ex-candidate Viola had to leave Heidi Klum’s show. Now she models for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Los Angeles – Did Heidi Klum (48) make a mistake when she said to candidate Viola: “Unfortunately I do not have a picture for you today”? Audience favorite Viola had to leave the show “Germany’s next top model” in row ten along with the Incas. But that does not seem to have affected her modeling career: It has now become known that Viola got a job with star designer Jean Paul Gaultier shortly after she was fired.

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GNTM candidate Viola: Heidi Klum kicked her out – but then she got a job with Jean Paul Gaultier

In an interview with YouTuber Ramon Wagner, Viola unpacks. She talks about her time at GNTM 2022 with Heidi Klum and the huge job at Jean Paul Gaultier, which she was booked for shortly after she was kicked out. “They asked at very short notice, the final confirmation came only two days before the filming,” Viola says in an interview with Ramon. “It was all very crazy,” the 21-year-old says, smiling happily into his webcam. “I love the pictures, I look at them all day, and I love them.”

A few days ago, the designer brand wrote Jean-Paul Gaultier the first image of the new haute couture campaign “Le Musée Grand Opening”, where the most famous works of art from European art history have found their way to tops, dresses and trousers. Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rubens adorn the clothes designed by French star designer Jean Paul Gaultier for this collection, according to

“I was lucky there,” Viola tells Ramon. You have always had problems with the photo shoots on the ProSieben show. “I thought I was with GNTM because I’m funny, not because of my modeling skills,” says the model with the former pink mullet, who is now blonde. “But with Jean Paul Gaultier, everyone was so wow, wow, wow – it really changed my perspective,” she says. “Let’s see what happens next …”

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In the model villa, she always categorically walked away from the cameras while recording, Viola says in an interview with Ramon Wagner on YouTube, which was published on Tuesday (April 12, 2022). But it was also very good. “I got through pretty well without creating stress and without mentioning names,” says the sympathetic model (read more celebrity news on RUHR24).

In “Germany’s Next Top Model” she was more like a background dancer, she also writes on her Instagram profile. While she was still there, the queer environment in particular required more time for Viola in the show.

In general, viewers seem to love Viola: “People take pictures of me, hug me without being asked and even recognize me with mask and hat,” she says in the YouTube interview. “It’s very unusual for me, I do not want to be recognized at all.” She never thought the hype around her would be so great. “But I do not want to hate it so much now, it’s an interesting experience.”

Ex-GNTM candidate Viola: She had no luck with Heidi Klum in 2022 – but with Jean Paul Gaultier

In the future, the 21-year-old social work student will continue to model – she will only take things in stride when it comes to social media. “I’ve been a bit of a cell phone addict lately,” she admits. She is actually not a person who is much on the internet and is slowly running out of photos to share on social media.

Viola from GNTM got a new job

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It’s a shame, her 50,000 fans on Instagram will definitely think so. We are still curious to see how much more we will hear from Viola in the future. In any case, our forecast for her as one of the various candidates for GNTM 2022 was not entirely wrong.

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