Global Titans presents the world’s first NFT Pay-Per-View sporting event live from Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Heliport on May 14, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates –

ROQU Media:

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Mayweather Global Titans Poster (Photo: AETOSWire)

Mayweather Global Titans Poster (Photo: AETOSWire)


The Global Titans Fight Series announced that the WORLD’s FIRST NFT SPORTS event will ever offer NFT ticket holders exclusive access to a live stream pay-per-view. Global Titans NFT tickets mark a historic moment in which sports and technology fans take a giant leap forward, transforming the way people interact with live entertainment.

The NFT ticket provides the opportunity to see Global Titans Dubai live online on May 14, when a spectacular boxing match takes place on the helicopter pad at the legendary hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The spectacular event features a top-notch line-up, including stars like Floyd Mayweather, Anderson Silva and many more.

Fans who buy NFT will receive a special collector’s item Global Titans NFT ticket – an important moment for international e-sports. NFT technology offers more than just a ticket to the event. It offers buyers unique features such as future admission, rewards and more, increasing the value of the ticket long after the event.

Global Titans founders ROQUMedia and Yakomoz Events have partnered with MintGates Web3 experts to develop specific technologies to create this NFT. Buyers will be able to watch the livestream of these opening matches live from anywhere in the world without having to use passwords or passwords. NFT owners can simply connect their crypto-wallets (like MetaMask) for instant access.

In addition, owners of this NFT can unlock limited edition 3D collectibles, special video content and official material from the event.

There are currently two Global Titans NFT tickets available to the public.

  • 80,000 collectible NFTs with PPV access in Polygon Matic or paid by credit card.

  • There are currently 10 very exclusive Ringside Seated NFTs available to attend this event in person.

Visit to book events and NFT bulk tickets for the Pay-Per-View livestream

“MintGate’s mission is to make digital real estate accessible to everyone in the world,” said Jonathan Dunlap (CEO). “To advance this mission, we introduced a groundbreaking ability to purchase NFTs directly with a credit card,” continued Matt Hoffman (CSO).

Robert Quirke, CEO of ROQUMedia stated: “For many people, this will be their first time buying an NFT. We have made sure we can offer them great value by offering exciting digital assets that can be traded and combined to watch the Floyd Mayweather match live stream online The live event on May 14th will mark an international milestone in the history of live sports and entertainment and herald the next generation of technology.PPV tickets use Polygon Blockchain & MATIC as this gives fans the lowest gas fees , which makes them significantly more environmentally friendly. ”


Global Titans Dubai is the first in a series of special boxing and MMA events that will take place in iconic locations across four continents. All major events will be broadcast worldwide, with champion fighters and exclusive NFT collector tickets.

Space to attend the event and NFT Collective Ticket Pay-Per-View Livestream:


MintGate is a proven Web3 platform for building member-based communities and improving the connection between people and the brands they care about. We bring people closer to the future by unlocking the value of digital property.

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