Dieter Könnes – from the WDR evening to RTL primetime

TV journalist from Viersen
From WDR night to RTL prime time

Addict Dieter Könnes (“Könnes fights”) now moderates “Stern-TV am Sonntag”. In the RP interview, he talks about investigative journalism, the longing for truth – and his relationship with WDR.

You have been known for many years from WDR TV – especially with the program “Könnes kampf”. You are now moderating the Stern TV shooter “Stern TV am Sonntag”. How did the switch to RTL arise?

ability Well, the program “Könnes kampf” was no longer continued independently after about 50 episodes. There are now shorter sections as part of the WDR program “Servicezeit”. I’m sorry, of course. Because it is an investigative format in which we have tracked down many complaints, such as the Rheinische Post with its “Bürgermonitor”, and we are committed to the so-called small people. The people in the marketplace as well as at the party approached me and said, “I have a problem, you can not even tell me about it.”

Are you mad at WDR?

ability To be honest, of course, I was not thrilled at first. Today I can say: I am grateful to the WDR. For if the decision had not been made there, not much would have happened.

    This Sunday at 10.30 pm, star violinist David Garrett, who will talk about the pressure to perform, will be welcomed by TV journalist Dieter Könnes from Viersen.

This Sunday at 10.30 pm, star violinist David Garrett, who will talk about the pressure to perform, will be welcomed by TV journalist Dieter Könnes from Viersen.
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For example, your switch to RTL ?!

ability Oh, it was more a consequence of what happened before. I had more time, and when the flood disaster hit the Ahr Valley, I naturally wanted to help, like so many others. With my options. Report on the people and their problems. Confront those responsible. network. Social media is often a curse, but in this case, it was a blessing. My reports were frequently viewed on YouTube, and when a truck crashed during an emergency operation, a replacement was found a few minutes after a call. Above all, I noticed once again how much I like it: talking to people, bringing them together with people from politics and administration, moderating the conversation. And apparently RTL also noticed this, and invited me to the casting.

How did you respond to the call?

ability I said to them, “If I have to, I can go on foot.” Because it quickly became clear to me: This is a great opportunity to further develop myself professionally. From the WDR night to the RTL prime time – it’s like the Oberliga and the Bundesliga. But what is even more important: that I like exactly what distinguishes Stern-TV from the usual political conversations of public broadcasters: here sit not only politicians and scientific experts, but also those concerned sit here. There is no discussion about the lack of nursing on Stern-TV without a nurse. And this is how joyfully enlightening, controversial debates arise.

And that on the much-maligned private TV …

ability I think the boundaries between private television and public broadcasters have become more fluid. Not to be misunderstood: I consider public service radio and television to be indispensable. You can see this in countries where there is no such offer. Nevertheless, German private television companies have made significant progress in journalism in recent years. Just take “Team Wallraff” on RTL. A famous name, of course, but also very well-crafted investigative journalism.

And the course was also really …

ability The need for such formats is there. This is seen on social media. There is a longing for truth.

How is the truth: Will both work in the long run: WDR and RTL?

ability I will continue to work for WDR until the autumn, then only for RTL.

When did the preparations for “Stern-TV am Sonntag” start?

ability The idea and the first test broadcasts already existed in the winter. The editorial office has been set up over the past six weeks. An extremely professional team. I was the only one who got the flutter. During the first broadcast, I kneaded my moderation cards until they were soft. Fortunately, only close friends noticed it.

The state election in North Rhine-Westphalia is on Sunday. Will it also be a topic on “Stern-TV am Sonntag”?

ability none We discuss performance pressure among young people, star violinist David Garrett is a guest and will tell how he had to practice for hours when he was young. The second question is that more and more people are affected by poverty. There is no more room for state elections.

How does Dieter Könnes turn off?

ability I live in Süchteln and like to roam around with my dog ​​or to run over the heights. After that, I’m stress free.

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