Dead by Daylight sells NFT killers

In Dead by Daylight, there is just trouble among the players. The reason lies in a release from developer Behavior. In the future, Pinhead wants to sell NFT models for real money. MeinMMO sums up why there is enthusiasm around this.

What does NFT really mean? NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and describes a digitally protected object. This can be pretty much anything from an image or a model to a clip. They are based on a stored character string that cannot be exchanged or copied.

This means that memes, for example, are marked as unique and can therefore be traced back to their owner. You can now buy such NFTs in certain areas, the principle can also be compared to trading cards.

Now they are also heading into Dead by Daylight. As the developers have announced, players will be able to purchase NFT models of Pinhead from the Hellraiser chapter in the future.

BHVR writes: “Behavior worked with Boss Protocol for several months to customize in-game models for use as NFTs and approved them prior to the release of Pinhead in DbD.”

This step is mostly not well received by the players.

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NFT for collectibles and “possible” NFTs in the future

What does the purchase bring? According to the developers, the purchase of a Pinhead NFT brings “unique digital collectibles and […] additional benefits such as rewarding certain owners with autographed collectibles and other benefits to be revealed and delivered in the future. “

In addition, there is still uncertainty about the usefulness of NFTs. Apparently, there will be more NFTs in the future that owners of a Pinhead NFT should have access to. When it will be and what it is about is not mentioned. (via

Apparently there are different levels of rarity like loot boxes: plain, rare and ultra-rare.

How does it work? The whole thing is very vague. NFT is offered on the Boss Protocol website. There you will find a description and a roadmap for the content of NFT. The NFT boxes are to be purchased via blockchain and offer a generated collection of NFTs that also provide access to content in Dead by Daylight.

This is what the FAQ says about it:

Certain Pinhead NFTs unlock access to Hellraiser collectibles, and all entitle their owners (at a later date) to purchase additional NFTs (such as the Lament Configuration Box) for free. Pinhead NFT will also provide access to new content (not related to Dead by Daylight) in the future. For example, Pinhead NFT will allow owners to unlock the character in other games that are under development.


In particular, one choice of words makes players suspicious. There is talk of “certain needle heads” giving access to collectibles from Hellraiser collectibles. In other words: not all needle heads offer these collectibles, so you should be lucky when you buy them and choose the right needle head.

There are also unannounced games where Pinhead can be unlocked with NFT. Much is therefore still very vague and not known in detail.

Pinhead NFT even has its own dialogue lines with the character’s voice actor. Some players even suspect that Pinhead lost his voice in the game because of this. It rejected BHVR.

Boss Protocol also writes:

We believe that NFTs, especially the kind we are working on, are an exciting new breed of collectibles that can open the door to all kinds of opportunities to offer real ownership of digital content. All NFTs we develop will include content, physical goods and unique access, which we would like to tell you more about.


However, the reactions in society indicate that the NFTs are not so welcome collectibles.

Players are angry even a former developer has emerged

Why do players react so critically? NFTs have a hard time with players. They sometimes have a bad reputation as they have played a role in a number of fraud cases:

NFTs must also be purchased using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. This type of currency is considered to be harmful to the environment because mining cryptocurrency uses an incredible amount of electricity. Thus, there are numerous controversies and the skepticism among the players is great.

In addition, Valve’s announcement rounded out dropping games based on cryptocurrency and similar techniques from the platform. NFTs fall under this. Therefore, there was great concern that DbD could disappear from Steam.

At least on this point, the developers have expressed themselves: DbD remains on Steam. NFTs would not be offered directly in the game, so that is not a problem. Nevertheless, the players are not thrilled at all, as shown in the subreddit for DbD. (via

Here are some voices from the community:

  • EtonSAtom: “This whole thing is opaque and bloody suspicious, NFTs are usually scams, […]. ” (via reddit)
  • DavThoma: “Many people are sad about this, and rightly so. Given the extent of climate change, most people do not want to support something that harms the environment.” (via reddit)
  • Wild_Smurf: “I think so [die Kritik] it’s less about these NFTs in particular being a scam and more about all NFTs being a scam. “(via reddit)

Even former DbD developer McLean spoke up on Twitter, criticizing the action:

I am strongly opposed to the proliferation of NFTs and extremely disappointed that the game I love is being associated with them.

via Twitter

But there are also voices in society who do not think it’s all that wild. For example, epicandetc2234 writes: “It’s okay to be angry about this. So am I, but try not to freak out too much. It really does not affect the game, but I understand if people still want to be angry in principle. Fuck NFTs. I love beautiful trees. “

So far, the developers have not commented on the topic. It remains to be seen whether they will reconsider the action with the NFTs.

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