Daniel Hartwich: What do you know about privacy with boyfriend Hannah Hoelscher and children?

Daniel Hartwich is one of the most popular TV host hosts, has been an integral part of the RTL show program for years and has not cut back. With his wonderfully cheeky sayings and direct confrontations, he regularly entertains an audience of millions. Hartwich will once again moderate the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” in 2022. He stopped at the jungle camp in 2022.

Is Daniel Hartwich married to his partner Hannah Hoelscher?

In return, he strikes soft tones when it comes to privacy. He has never spoken publicly about his longtime partner Hannah Hoelscher. The couple, who live with their children in Cologne, avoid red carpets. The two were last seen at the Bavarian TV Awards 2012 in Munich. It is not officially known if they are married. The couple has also never communicated whether the couple has two or three children.

Sonja Zietlow stands by her beauty interventions

Sonja Zietlow privately: does she have a husband and children?


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Failure on “Let’s Dance” 2022: Daniel Hartwich had Corona

Corona chaos reigns at “Let’s Dance” 2022. After several celebrities and professional dancers dropped out due to positive tests, Daniel Hartwich was also caught. The moderator had to pause in one show (March 25). However, a significant replacement came to him: RTL colleague Jan Köppen.

Swipe against jungle camp VIP: Daniel Hartwich found the saying “stupid and unfair”

Daniel Hartwich can not only dish up ugly things, as mentioned in the beginning. He apologized for a saying he made during the 2015 jungle camp: “The only saying in recent years that I really felt sorry for afterwards was a cock-joke about Rebecca Simoneit-Barum,” Hartwich admits in 2015 in “BamS” the interview. “I found it silly and unfair afterwards. The jungle doesn’t need such cheap jokes either.”

Daniel Hartwich’s voice distribution: transposed figures in the jungle camp 2020

At Jungle Camp 2020, Daniel Hartwich made a number rotation when he was called for a telephone poll. On day 13, he gave the wrong last digit to candidate Claudia Norberg, who then had to leave camp. “So, crazy bird, I actually read exactly what was written to me at 02. How could I …” the moderator joked.

Daniel Hartwich stops at the jungle camp because of the family

Again and again, Daniel Hartwich came up with hints in the episode of The Jungle Camp on February 1, 2022, which suggested he was traveling as a moderator for “I’m a star – get me out of here”. Viewers wondered: Does Daniel Hartwich stop at the jungle camp?

Now it’s official: RTL confirms the end of the jungle. “The reason for this is my family, who will no longer be able to follow me in the future because of compulsory schooling,” the 43-year-old said in a statement from the television station.

His colleague Sonja Zietlow told RTL: “I can definitely understand his decision, although I personally think it is a shame. In the last nine years we have experienced and lived through a lot together. We laughed a lot and experienced and created unique moments. It will always be a part of my life. “

Despite the jungle off: Daniel Hartwich remains on RTL as moderator

Daniel Hartwich stays on RTL in other shows. “He is an important character for RTL, and not just because of ‘Let’s Dance’. We are also looking forward to a further collaboration with ‘Lego Masters’, which we successfully repositioned with him last year,” said RTL CEO Henning Tewes in February 2022 in the “DWDL” interview. Asked if it had been clarified with Hartwich that he would keep “Let’s Dance” beyond the current season, Tewes replied, “We have.”

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