The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose to the New Orleans Saints

Munich – In the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ bizarre 9-0 defeat to the New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady and Co. hit. their offensive low in the season so far.

The superstar quarterback underwent, among other things, a costly fumble, which was ultimately one of the reasons for the bankruptcy. After Brady lost the ball, Saint’s cornerback CJGardner-Johnson stood right in front of GEDEN’s face and laughed maliciously at him.

Instead of reacting aggressively, Brady just laughed along. He probably does not know exactly why he did it in this situation. It symbolized the helplessness that the Buccaneers’ offensive acted with that night.

Saints-Defense defies all odds

The fact that the “Bucs” looked almost confused on the scoreboard in the end also had to do with the different demands from both teams before the match. While the Saints are struggling with injury problems in all parts of the team and Corona had to play without head coach Sean Payton, the Buccaneers went into the match as favorites.

Brady’s attack has been in full swing for the past few weeks, so the veteran even slipped to the top of the MVP conversation. Some of it was seen against the Saints. The 44-year-old finished with 214 passing yards and managed not only the fumble but also an interception.

Defensive Cameron Jordan, on the other hand, had a creamy day and scored in addition to the forced fumble two more sacks against an unusually shaky Buccaneers offensive line. It seemed as if Saints-Defense were pushing themselves to the limit.

A look at the past shows how historic the success was in the end. For the first time since 2006, an offensive directed by Tom Brady received 0 points. The striking thing here is that Brady has been having visible problems with the New Orleans Saints lately.

Again and again these saints

In “Trash Talk” with Gardner-Johnson, Brady would have won any argument if he had mentioned his seven Super Bowl triumphs. That he ultimately did not get involved probably also has something to do with the recent record against the Saints. The Buccaneers have won just one of their last five games against rivals New Orleans.

“I do not want to talk about all the things we do to be successful against Brady, because then we will give him an advantage,” interim head coach Dennis Allen said after the game. The actual defensive coordinator again stumbled upon Brady with his defense.

“It was not because of any particular scheme,” he continued. Nevertheless, he often resorted to a simple but effective trick. Instead of sending a fifth pass-rusher out against Brady, he routinely kept the middle of the field blocked and sent only four defenders against Brady.

As ESPN reports, all four sacks happened when only four defenders rushed with Brady: “That was very important. If you attack him with a fifth man, he knows exactly where to throw the ball,” Allen explained the master plan.

Although the reigning Super Bowl champion was able to win the decisive game in the division round last year, the Buccaneers’ record against the Saints is worrying – especially because Gardner-Johnson and Co. also is in this year’s playoffs, which unpleasant opponents could prove.

Bucs goes on gum – another duel possible

After five defeats in a row, the Saints have finally recovered and are impressively back in the playoffs with a record of 7-7. With a remaining program against the Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons, the Wild Card round is suddenly within reach again.

The Buccaneers, on the other hand, like the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and possibly the Los Angeles Rams have ten wins and four losses. So it is very possible that in the coming weeks there will be a constellation that gives both opponents the opportunity to meet in the first playoff round.

The match on Sunday showed that it could be even harder for Bruce Arians’ team. With Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay will probably have to do without three major pillars in the offense in the coming weeks.

“I’m more worried about the lost players than the match, to be honest,” the head coach said after the match.

Because the Buccaneers also know that another duel against these Saints – possibly not in the best cast – could mean the early end of the playoffs.

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