Letters to the Editor: May 12, 2022

reduce energy consumption

May 11: “Michael Otto: ‘The electricity tax must fall’. Hamburg entrepreneur and honorary citizen to ease the burden on the economy and citizens, renewable energy and ways to protect the climate

Otto is right when he demands that we move away from gas and oil quickly. However, the abolition of the electricity tax is not an appropriate measure. We only achieve the energy transition if we reduce energy consumption. To do this, however, energy must have a price, otherwise no investment will be made in savings measures. People who spend a lot of energy benefit most from tax breaks. But as a rule, they can also afford higher prices. It is better to relieve the citizens with a lump sum. This is most beneficial for those who already use a little energy. In special cases, additional support may be needed, but this will also be the case for tax breaks and on a larger scale. Another advantage is that a fixed energy money is much cheaper for the state, and there is tax money left over, which is urgently needed for the conversion of our energy system.

Jørgen Behrschmidt

The act should be severely punished

May 11: “Stadtpark: Explosive process begins. Accusations of gang rape. The court excludes the public – also to protect the eleven accused”

Is this judge abandoned by all good spirits? To me, DNA traces mean that traces of semen have been detected, and that from nine perpetrators. You do not need more evidence, it just needs to be clarified which perpetrator was involved and to what extent. The public agitation at the time was certainly not in order and should also be condemned, but there is nothing to cover this act, it is disgusting and should be severely punished, otherwise women, whether under the influence of alcohol, will be fair game and the victim – the perpetrator relationship will be compromised upside down.

Fred Mordhorst

It does not need a memorial day

May 11: “Why Mother’s Day is a feminist day. There are flowers and gifts. We are the center of attention. And then there is the issue of equality.”

Should Mother’s Day be a feminist day? Then Putin is a flawless democrat. Firstly, Mother’s Day is addressed only to a specific group of women, secondly, women are “honored” for a role they have chosen, thirdly, it is primarily the florists who benefit from this day, and fourthly, the children are honored whether they are a mother has or has not been forced to give gifts at school. I am grateful to have children. It goes without saying that both parents want their children to grow up as best they can. And it’s nice when you succeed in establishing and maintaining a good relationship with each other. But there is no need for a memorial day where only mothers are thanked.

Gudrun Schulze-Struck

More polluting emissions

May 10: “Begging lamps: Almost 70 percent are now being rebuilt. The annoying time wasters are on the verge of extinction in Hamburg. the number of systems has dropped “

This is now the second big own goal from Hamburg Greens within a few months. Just last year, a so-called expert committee called for a maximum speed of 30 km / h for Hamburg, which would more than double the vehicle’s residence time and thus lead to a marked increase in polluting emissions, noise and congestion. So now comes the ingenious proposal from traffic senator Tjarks to quickly interrupt the flow of car traffic at traffic lights for pedestrians and cyclists, ie without annoying waiting times for non-car road users. This proposal is also the opposite of well-meaning: the frequent braking and starting again leads to a significant increase in pollutants and noise emissions (also for pedestrians and cyclists!). Last but not least, it is characteristic of intelligent traffic management to realize a largely uninterrupted “green wave”. In their madness of turning Hamburg into a car-free city at all costs, the Greens seem to be content by all means. Who in the Hamburg Senate will finally stop this hypocritical odyssey?

Michael Deil, Bargteheide

Bad housing policy

6th of May: “The city would like to buy the district Holsten. As the construction of 1,300 apartments under the leadership of an investor is not progressing, the Senate is now going on the offensive. The problem is the price ”

The Holstein district is again a symbol of the Senate’s failed housing policy. In 2016, you could have bought this first class property. An area that is already sealed, with an ideal location and therefore fits into the Senate housing program, which has so far been praised. They allegedly wanted to keep the Carlsberg Brewery in Hamburg and decided on it. What reason – perhaps the then mayor, Mr. Scholz, knows more. But I think you can save yourself a question, he certainly does not remember. Now, several investors have made a lot of money, and the ailing Adler group has finally paid more than 360 million euros. The Senate caused this price drop with its waiver at the time. What rents will be charged if apartments are actually still being built there? It’s a mystery to me how 30 percent cheap housing should be built. The city is now considering all options up to and including the purchase of the land, but not at this price, the announcement states. Mr. Kienscherf & Co. feel free to keep dreaming. The Adler Group will certainly not sell this property below the purchase price.

Thomas Mayer

Flooded with tourists

6th of May: “Beautiful trails on the Schlei. Cycling far away from the classic routes – here are some suggestions “

Why is Schlei still advertised regularly? Since Corona, the “Baltic Sea Fjord Schlei” region has literally been flooded with tourists! Small villages can no longer find peace because mobile homes are constantly driving through and looking for wild camping opportunities, even on closed roads – as close to the water as possible. Hiking routes are exceeded by bicycle convoys, so hiking is excluded. Bathing areas and parking lots are crowded, although the Schlei water is no longer good for swimming. Where should more tourists go if even the locals can no longer find a place to retreat?

Dr. Andreas Franke-Thiele

A bad joke!

6th of May: “Energy bonus for pensioners – that’s how it works. With only one hour of work this year, pensioners can also benefit from the payment ”

The trick proposed by a CDU member of the Bundestag for retirees to receive the energy bonus through minimal marginal employment can, in fact, only be a bad joke! Following the organizational chaos with the 9-euro ticket, the unfair design of the energy bonus was rightly condemned. But seriously: Which retiree is willing or at all able to perform this complicated procedure? I’m sorry, but the way our state treats its citizens is becoming more and more grotesque.

Otto Wyczig, Hamburg

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