How old is my dog ​​in human years? This you should know

Dogs are our favorite companions. But since they (unfortunately) can not live as long as a human, the age calculation works differently for them. So when your four-legged friend is only two years old, he is already in the middle of puberty or even out of it. If you ever ask yourself the question “How old is my dog ​​in human years?“, We have the answer to this burning question for you, and we know exactly how this calculation is structured.

All about the question “How old is my dog ​​in human years?”

Dog year vs. human years: Why is there a difference?

As you may have read in the first paragraph, dogs do not age like humans, but much faster. While children are almost babies at the age of two, a dog at this age is already a young man or woman.

If you now want to find out how old your dog is in human years, you need to calculate various factors. The dog’s weight and size play a big role here. A rule of thumb therefore says that large and heavy dogs age faster and not as old as their smaller counterparts.

“How old is my dog ​​in human years?” You’ve probably asked yourself that at some point. Photo: IMAGO images / addictive stock

But also them Diet, the social environment and the amount of exercise play into your four-legged friend’s biological clock. In general, you can remember the following facts:

  • Lean dogs live longer than overweight dogs.
  • Mixed breeds can live longer than pedigree dogs.
  • Urban dogs have a shorter life expectancy than dogs living in the countryside due to environmental impacts.

How old is my dog ​​in human years? These tables will tell you

Now that we’ve explained to you what factors play into the dog’s (and thus the human) age, we do not want to hide from you how old your four-legged friend is according to your human age calculation.

For this we have made three tables that deal with the age and weight of the dogs. You will definitely find the right column for your four-legged friend here too! The first table refers to dogs, their upper weight limit is 15 kg located.

dog year human year
half a year 15 years
1 year 20 years
1.5 years 24 years
2 years 28 years
3 years 32 years
4 years 36 years
5 years 40 years
6 years 44 years
7 years 48 years
8 years 52 years
9 years 56 years
ten years 60 years
11 years 64 years
12 years 68 years
13 years 72 years
Fourteen years 76 years
15 years 80 years
Sixteen years 84 years
17 years 88 years
18 years 90 years
19 years 94 years
20 years 100 years

The next table refers to the age ratio between humans and dogs for four-legged, weighing 15 to 45 kg.

dog year human year
half a year ten years
1 year 18 years
1.5 years 21 years
2 years 27 years
3 years 33 years
4 years 39 years
5 years 45 years
6 years 51 years
7 years 57 years
8 years 63 years
9 years 69 years
ten years 75 years
11 years 80 years
12 years 85 years
13 years 90 years
Fourteen years 95 years
15 years 100 years

The last table refers to dogs, weighs more than 45 kg. As these breeds do not get very old, we have only included the table up to the age of 11 years.

dog year human year
half a year 8 years
1 year Fourteen years
1.5 years 18 years
2 years 22 years
3 years 31 years
4 years 40 years
5 years 49 years
6 years 58 years
7 years 67 years
8 years 76 years
9 years 85 years
ten years 94 years
11 years 100 years

Therefore, you should know your dog’s age

As you can see, the breed and your dog’s individual weight play a big role when it comes to how old your dog is in human years. Of course, these tables are only a guide, which can help you treat your dog humanely and a little better at assessing how to deal with him and the “years under the belt”.

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