Fresh design, refreshing mix – Jim Beam® Classic RTDs in a new look

Since the beginning of the year, we at Whiskyexperts have been looking beyond the classic whiskeys – when it comes to whiskey liqueurs or Beverages with whiskey actions. As in this case: Jim Beam introduces the new design of the four whiskey blends in the can, the Jim Beam® Classic RTDsin front of.

Here is the press release from Beam Suntory Germany:

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Fresh design, refreshing mix – Jim Beam® Classic RTDs in a new look

Modern, high quality, ready: Just in time for summer, Jim Beam® presents its four popular classic whiskey blends in a refreshing new design

Frankfurt, May 2022 – Perfectly blended wherever you are – with the Jim Beam® Classic RTDs anywhere and anytime in good company cheers and welcome carefree moments. Jim Beam® Welcoming Spirit inspires you to enjoy life and its diversity with a very special openness. With the ready-to-drink whiskey blends available, you decide for yourself when a spontaneously beautiful moment becomes your personal highlight: experience a relaxed evening with the gang, enjoy good music in the park with friends, spontaneously on the way to the Event or just together in the evening at home. The Jim Beam® Classic RTDs adapt perfectly to the modern, dynamic lifestyle thanks to their convincingly refreshing simplicity. Since April 2022, the classics – Jim Beam® & Cola, Jim Beam® & Cola Zero, Jim Beam® & Ice Tea Lemon and Jim Beam® Lime Splash – have been given a new look. Consumers are not only refreshed by the content, but also by the modern design. The ideal choice for bourbon lovers who appreciate classic, proven whiskey long drinks and cocktails.

Fresh design, refreshing mix: The Jim Beam® Classic RTD Series is modern, high quality and clear

Unchanged in terms of taste, the new design of the Jim Beam® RTD Classic series focuses on modernity, high quality and a clear differentiation between the flavors in all facets. In accordance with the brand, the new cans are presented in a bright, white design. Differentiation between the variants is achieved by means of a narrow colored band with the respective variety designation, which leads to attention-creating block formation on the shelf. The new look is completed by concise brand symbols referring to the long tradition of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

“The design launch of our popular Jim Beam® Classic RTDs ensures a modern, appealing and attention-grabbing presence on the shelf with a clear differentiation of variants and simplifies navigation for consumers”,

Sabrina Ratschnig, Marketing Manager Lifestyle Brands Beam Suntory Germany, explains the new look of the classics.

“Consumers are currently offered a wide range of variations in the RTD segment. This is exactly where we come in with the new design. A modern and appealing as well as concise appearance and eye-catching of the cans on POS play a crucial role in the purchase decision. ”

The new look of the popular cans will emphasize the diversity and miscibility of Jim Beam® products even more in the future. The popular Jim Beam® RTD products should continue to make the experience of classic whiskey drinks uncomplicated for connoisseurs. In addition, the Jim Beam Classic RTDs are made visible and tangible through communication on POS and on social media as well as through national sampling activation.

The right drink for every taste and every moment

The design relaunch of the Jim Beam RTD Classics is already Beam Suntory’s second strong offensive in the RTD segment this spring. With the new drink Jim Beam® Bourbon Sprizz in the three fruity, sparkling varieties Red Summer Berries, Juicy Apple and Sunny Peach, Jim Beam also expanded its RTD range in April 2022 with a completely new interpretation of the classic bourbon whiskey. Jim Beam® Bourbon Sprizz is sparkling, fresh and fruity with a 3% alcohol content. An unprecedented taste experience thanks to the refreshing combination of bourbon whiskey and fruit notes – with that certain glimmer. Together with the classic, concise bourbon whiskey blends with an alcohol content of 10%, Jim Beam® ensures a refreshingly uniform RTD variation this summer. Desired spirit of innovation as well as existing preferences and consumer needs are optimally combined: the desire for new, fruity-fresh flavors and appreciation of popular classics with a modern look. So everyone can find their Jim Beam® trend drink 2022 for carefree moments in good company.

Jim Beam Ready-to-Drink Classics (10% ABV) | 330ml | RRP € 2.79

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