For the kids and the village: Great investment in a small daycare

Wiehl – The town of Wiehl has renovated the location of the Weiershagen day care center – 600,000 euros went into the facility – everything has been ready since April.

By Lars Weber

Brand new outdoor facilities with various play equipment, renovated and rebuilt rooms, an extension to the old building and something very special for small researchers: In the last two and a half years, a lot has happened in and around the day care institution. in Wiehl-Weiershagen. The city of Wiehl spent about 600,000 euros on all the measures. Today, the result was presented to the public. All those responsible agreed that the project was not everyday food and that not only the children would enjoy it.


Kita boss Kai Hünninghaus knows very well what is special about the project. “Elsewhere, the small day care institutions in the countryside are being closed, and a large new day care institution is being built centrally.” This is not the case in Weiershagen, where the day care institution has been housed in the building for the old primary school. school since the 1970s. “It’s great that so much money has been put into the hands of a facility on the outskirts of a city,” says Hünninghaus.

It was important for Mayor Ulrich Stücker and the City Council not just to stick to the location, but to improve it. “The children can now develop freely, and the day care team has more flexible options.” Children of all ages can now be cared for. This makes it easier to respond to fluctuating registration numbers. A modern working environment is also an important criterion in the highly competitive market for specialists. “We are also significantly strengthening the village,” the mayor continued. His conclusion: “We can not invest money better”.

[Bürgermeister Ulrich Stücker freut sich, dass die Kinder die neuen Spielgeräte so gut annehmen.]

Work had already started in early 2019 with the construction. Two extensions were added to the existing building complex. The day care center was given about 100 square meters of floor space. The entrance area with a small foyer was completely rebuilt and can now also be reached by ramp. Thanks to the space gained, the two groups in the day care center – the tigers and the bears – now each have two group rooms instead of just one as before. In addition to new room decor and a fresh coat of paint, each group also got a kitchen, so the breakfast buffet can now be served every day.

[Mit den neu entstandenen Räumen haben die Kinder und das Kita-Team viel mehr Platz zur Verfügung.]

Work on this first phase of construction took a year and a half. Not always an easy time for the educator team. “It was very exciting,” says Hünninghaus. Again and again they had to adapt to changing circumstances and become inventive. But there was always a solution. And for the kids, the construction site phase could probably have lasted forever. “The demolition work in particular fascinated her, of course.”

After a break in construction, work continued outdoors in December 2021, which was equipped with units from the company Sik-Holz. The area is planned by landscape architect Gerd Bermbach. In about five months, a whole new play world was created for the children. And there is more: Since the day care institution has been certified as “Small Researchers’ House” since 2014, a few more special characteristics have been considered. All sorts of plants are and still are grown in a small garden area. In addition, Edelstahlwerk donated Kind & Co. a research hut. Around these, there are various nature pedagogical offers, so that the children can, for example, explore the world of insects with a magnifying glass.

[Die Forscherhütte dient kleinen Gruppen auch als Rückzugsort.]

The 40 children have already fully taken over the new premises and especially the outdoor area. Kita manager Kai Hünninghaus is more than happy with the result: “We are proud of our new home”.

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