Fabian Klos: “It was rewarded how I live the club”

He accompanied the years with a constant upswing from the 3rd division as well as the impending tragic relegation: On Saturday, Fabian Klos awaits the last big applause from Bielefeld’s ranks.

Farewell from Bielefeld: Fabian Klos.

Farewell from Bielefeld: Fabian Klos.
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This Saturday, the often tested endurance of Arminia Bielefeld’s supporters must face a major challenge several times. In the last home game against RB Leipzig, it is important to cope with the almost inevitable relegation. In addition, fans are experiencing the last appearance of some of their heroes from the past few years, above all the currently injured cult player Fabian Klos.

If all goes as planned, it will be Klos’ second sporting relegation with Arminia. After the first in 2014 from the 2nd league, which came dramatically in the relegation against Darmstadt, he quickly and unconventionally committed to stay in Bielefeld and repair the accident in the heyday of his career. From then on, the later club record scorer followed the steady recovery through the 2nd division, including the consolidation there, to the acclaimed promotion to the Bundesliga in 2020.

The last year of the contract with Arminia was to be different for Klos. After being up in 2021, to which he also contributed significantly with his goal in the last match of the 2-0 victory in Stuttgart, there were quite half-baked solutions. The then 33-year-old was to continue for another year, step by step slipping into the role of back-up for the next generation of attackers. He should not give up the captaincy, but instead share it with co-captain Manuel Prietl. All that did not really work.

I leave no gaps that can not be closed.

Supporters of the attack like Bryan Lasme and Janni Serra hardly met the Bundesliga requirements. Prietl seemed pale and overwhelmed as captain, and also had a difficult year due to illness. Klos initially swam with himself and was still confident when he announced his departure at the end of the season in February, after Arminia had gained a lead of six points over the penultimate place in the table with a 1-0 victory over Union Berlin “I told the boys on the team after the match against Union that I was very proud of the victory. I want nothing more than that we would do the same in the next few matches,” said the native of Gifhorn. “I leave no gaps that can not be closed. We have a young, good team that is constantly evolving. With people who can hopefully follow in my footsteps at some point.”

Difficult relationship between Klos and Arabi

Klos’ hopes were not confirmed. The team structure was not relieved by the difficult relationship between him and sports director Samir Arabi, which is one of the reasons why he was no longer able to become a major figure in the relegation battle. Finally, the sad highlight was the serious and unfortunate head injury against Stuttgart (1-1) in early April. He left the field on a stretcher that day, which he would have liked to have entered as a player for the rest of the season and on which he can now experience the Bielefeld audience’s well-deserved, big applause for the last time at. his emotionally charged farewell.

A little consolation perhaps: the countless testimonies made in advance for the player, who is always close to the people, are probably worth more to him than a monument near the stadium, which some admirers have already demanded for their “football god”. “The fans appreciated the way I live the club. The title will always be associated with my name here,” said Klos, commenting on the big tribute from the stands. “I’m honored that the petition for a statue exists, but I’m not the type who needs or wants to see a big picture of myself on a daily basis.”

Klos continues his career elsewhere

Klos’ energy seemed unbroken to the last, at his farewell press conference he announced that he would continue his career elsewhere. It is not entirely impossible that he will meet “his” Arminia in the second division again next year.

Should he one day perform in Bielefeld in the colors of another club – the local fan soul would no doubt be put to a tough test again.

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