Day care children from Haus Sonnenschein visit ENT doctor Tobias Schuldt

Rostock.A pile of dirt on the floor in the waiting room. A picture of Mickey Mouse. Children with magic ears. This Wednesday, everything is different in the practice of ear, nose and throat doctor Tobias Schuldt. 16 children are sitting in his waiting room. None of them sick, but quite curious.

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Schuldt invited the preschool group in DRK-Kita Haus Sonnenschein to get to know his practice and the work of a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine. The children recognized a cartoon character in the ultrasound, were even allowed to play doctor and asked a lot of questions. Eventually, the host donated a scoop of ice cream to each child.

On the trail of the nasal mucosa

Doctor Schuldt’s lesson starts already in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. First of all, it all revolves around the mucous membranes that everyone has in their mouth, throat and nose. To illustrate that these should always be moistened, Schuldt spreads some potting soil on the floor in practice. “To better absorb them again, we need moisture,” says the 40-year-old. Good signal. The children understand that a well-moisturized nose has a cleansing function. The result is far too happy to stick to the fingers.

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The search for Mickey Mouse continues. “To find them, we need the ultrasound device,” Schuldt begins. A round head and two large ears, this is what the children’s neck should look like.

And in fact, after Tobias Schuldt carefully places the ultrasound probe on a child’s neck, the outline appears on the monitor. The children beam with joy, chuckling and clapping their hands. In reality, it is not Mickey Mouse in the neck, it is the two muscles in the floor of the mouth that resemble the outline of the cartoon character in the so-called cross section.

Do not be afraid to visit the doctor

When it’s clear that everyone really has a Mickey Mouse in their throat, they go to the examination room. A set of tools lies next to a large patient chair. The children can sit on it one after the other. Tobias Schuldt explains that children sitting here have magical ears.

To make things a little easier for the little patients, Schuldt has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. “If you gently pull on the magic ears, the chair moves up and down. Children call spatulas A-sticks. Sometimes I tell them I have two little daughters, or ask them what their motives are on their clothes. ” For the doctor, it is important to reduce the fear and show that a visit to the doctor is not a bad thing.

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Tobias Schuldt studied medicine in Rostock and worked last year on university medicine. “I was chief physician at the ENT clinic,” he says. Then he started his own business, “mainly because of the family”. In practice, he can organize his time and patients more freely. “I also really like working with children.” Schuldt can therefore imagine inviting the little ones to his practice more often and explaining his job.

Kita doctors at work

In the patient’s room, the children can finally be doctors themselves. With the right lighting, they look into the noses and mouths of their competitors and Tobias Schuldt. “Marla, you get a new tooth,” states Emilie (6), Tobias Schuldt’s daughter. Emilie already knows her father’s job pretty well. What she liked best was playing herself as a doctor. “Luise (6) says:” I liked the ultrasound. “And Max (6) liked” being able to look deep into his nose “.

Kindergarten teacher Gaby Becker is happy with her protégés and the visit to Lütten Klein. “The children learn so much in places like this. Some are much braver than usual. It’s nice to see,” she says. In the end, all children get a very special recipe from Tobias Schuldt. Inscription: “Invitation to a scoop of ice cream of your own choice at Janny. “

The collaboration with the ice cream shop Jannys has existed for a long time. If a child is particularly brave and the weather is good, Tobias Schuldt hands out a scoop of ice cream on prescription. – After the doctor’s visit, the children can just pick up an ice cream next door, which I pay for, says Schuldt. And it pleases not only the children, but also the throat and the throat.

By Lea Marie Kenzler

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