Buy Ethereum: That’s why cryptocurrency is a huge option!

In a crisis, winners are also born. Crypto fans should internalize this mindset more than ever. Because the broad crypto market was gripped by a negative sentiment. The cryptocurrency crash destroyed a significant portion of the market value in the last few days. Global digital currencies are currently worth less than $ 1.2 trillion.

The second most valuable cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has held up slightly better than most other cryptocurrencies over the last seven days. Nevertheless, the price losses now make up more than a third. The concern is rising. The sale is in full swing.

While many crypto investors trade fearfully, the cryptocurrency crash can also be interpreted differently – namely as a gigantic opportunity for all investors who are convinced of the long-term potential of digital currencies and especially Ethereum.

Ethereum price collapses by more than 20%

In the past month, the Ethereum price has been corrected by over a third. In the last 24 hours, however, sales have accelerated. Here, the price losses are already summing to over 20%, which means that Ethereum is currently performing weaker than the entire crypto market. There is currently an ether for about 1880 US dollars. This means that the psychological limit of 2000 US dollars was recently exceeded.

Crypto-crashes promote sales at Ethereum

But there is a lack of basic news affecting the Ethereum network. Because there are no concrete reasons for the strong divestment at Ethereum, it is rather due to a weak mood in the entire crypto market. The crash of Terra stablecoin UST shook investors’ confidence in the future potential of cryptocurrencies. In addition, high inflation and concerns that interest rates will rise further. Technology stocks and cryptocurrencies are just as unpopular in early May 2022.

NFT adaptation on Instagram, the establishment is progressing

In fact, there was positive news for Ethereum a few days ago. Because the Ethereum network currently combines over 90% of NFT market volume on its own blockchain. Instagram, the world’s leading social media platform, has launched the introduction of NFTs as a pilot project in the United States. Users can now post NFTs and share them on Instagram. Establishment is advancing, digital art via non-fungible tokens is entering people’s everyday lives.

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Ethereum 2.0 as a guarantee of future strength

At the same time, the year 2022 should actually be a success for the Ethereum network. Because the long-awaited second version was to be realized this year. With Ethereum 2.0, now known as the Consensus Layer, you want to position the blockchain in a future-oriented way. High gas charges and slow speeds can be a thing of the past. The dwindling market shares from the last few years should soon be over.

Buy Ethereum now?

As the leading blockchain for smart contracts, decentralized financing and non-fungible tokens, Ethereum can benefit from several crypto trends. A lot of experts see a gigantic price potential and trust that Ethereum achieves above-average price development thanks to DeFi.

After the Ethereum crack, the ether price is about two-thirds below the highest level ever. Anyone who trades boldly now could achieve a market return with their ether investments.

DeFi Coin as an exciting addition to the crypto portfolio

Decentralized funding disrupts traditional funding. DeFi projects will continue to guarantee above-average returns in the crypto market in the future. Nevertheless, it may make sense to diversify the crypto portfolio and also to buy smaller coins with an even greater chance of return.

Despite a strong correction in the last 24 hours, this DeFi token has recorded a performance of over 200% in the last month. DeFi Coin (DEFC) has a significantly better momentum than the overall market. Driven by the launch of its own DEX DeFi Swap, this development could now continue.

DeFi coin course

Nevertheless, the DeFi coin is still about 80% below the all-time high from July 2021. But a lot has happened since then. The DeFi coin has matured technologically and would like to offer several DeFi services in the future. So why not buy the DeFi coin now and make the crypto portfolio around decentralized financing even more diversified and promising?

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