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Eight traditional and individual houses, including the Autograph Collection Hotel Elephant Weimar and the Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg: How do they fit under a common umbrella brand that can be a driving force for development? arcona has dealt intensively with this issue together with the Berlin agency Müller-Valentini. The Rostock-based company is now presenting its new CI and mission statement for the umbrella brand arcona Hotels & Resorts.

arcona has been working on the new positioning for about a year and a half. It consistently continues the path that the company took in 2019 with the sale of the city hotel and focus on exclusive holiday and leisure hotels.

Strong umbrella brand as a driver

While arcona was at the forefront as a public brand, arcona will in future rely on a strong umbrella brand as an identity-creating driver for its qualitative and quantitative further development. Each of the eight arcona houses remains unique with its own history, identity and roots in the location. The connecting element is the brand addition “An arcona place of longing”, which in future makes the connection to the umbrella brand visible. Each hotel in the group thus becomes a unique “arcona place of longing”, which stands for inspiring meetings. A booklet available at each hotel represents the group’s new self-image. The completely redesigned website is also already online. The business design has also evolved. A new visual language, the modernization of the umbrella brand logo and the entire CI / CD set the tone for a fresh and modern future for the hotel group.

New logo, new website

Online since the end of January, the newly designed website presents the “places of longing” as a group of hotels dedicated to meeting and authentically experiencing culture, history and landscape. The new arcona logo hovers everywhere and a flying crane gives it momentum. Airy white spaces, the new typing error in fresh red and the logo’s warm gray, ensure an open and warm look that the images fit into.

The new company design can not only be found on the website and all printed matter, but also in the new company booklet from arcona Hotels & Resorts, which is available at all hotels.

idea of ​​a meeting

The new design is an expression of Arcona’s new identity. The conceptual core is the idea of ​​authentic encounters as the actual and true luxury of our time. In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, leveled and standardized, ‘meeting’, as we understand it, stands for real experience and an intense attitude to life. Feeling yourself and feeling alive – arcona gives this longing a place to arrive, ”explains arcona shareholder and CEO Alexander Winter.

Whether it’s on the islands of Sylt, Rügen and Usedom, in Weimar, on Wartburg or in Kitzbühel: the respective houses are places of longing where people get in touch with each other and are inspired by inspiring encounters with lifestyle, landscape, history and culture. It is not about museum folklore, but about living heritage, combined with modern design, innovative gastronomy, authentic hospitality and modern comfort.

The idea of ​​meeting forms not only the core of the content in the umbrella brand, but also the creative springboard to the communicative and visual appearance. Design, visual worlds and stories vary and play with the subject meeting in many different ways.

Attitude: authentic, open, sustainable

Part of Arcona’s new CI also contains a clear position both internally and externally. Authentic, open and sustainable – these are the values ​​that the company is committed to towards guests, investors, local decision makers and as an employer. This claim goes through everything we do and culminates in a culture that is reflected throughout the company.

(arcona Hotels & Resorts / SAKL)

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