Added value through circular design, Efficiency Agency NRW, press release

Circular economy is a strategic approach to meet the challenges of resource dependence and climate change. With “CIRCO”, a workshop concept was developed in the Netherlands that supports companies in developing new, sustainable business models and product adaptations in the spirit of the circular economy. The efficiency agency NRW adopted the successful method and developed an offer for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. The collaboration between CIRCO International and the Duisburg Agency was officially sealed yesterday at the NRW’s Ministry of the Environment in Düsseldorf. This makes the Efficiency Agency NRW the first CIRCO hub in Germany. Companies in NRW can now use the successful workshop offer for free.

The goal of the circular economy is to keep raw materials, components and products in the economic process as long as possible. For this, products must be developed whose production and use go hand in hand with less resource consumption. The CIRCO method teaches how companies can specifically apply circular design and business model strategies.

Pieter van Os, Program Manager CIRCO International: “Circular entrepreneurship does not mean that a company suddenly becomes completely circular. With CIRCO, we have developed a workshop concept that shows companies the possibilities of the circular economy and gives them concrete approaches to designing existing ones. With Efficiency Agency NRW, we have found a partner for the first CIRCO Hub in Germany, which has successfully promoted the topics of circular economy and resource efficiency for many years. “

Dutch Consul General Peter Schuurman and his circular economy expert Patrick Janßen also took part in this important exchange, which underlines the importance of joint cooperation between the Netherlands and the NRW.

Cornelius Laaser, Head of Department at the NRW Ministry of the Environment: “Our economy and our way of life and consumption must become more resource efficient. The circular economy is the right approach to this and must be implemented even more intensively. We are pleased that the efficiency agency NRW, which works on “on behalf of our company, was chosen as the first CIRCO hub in Germany. Companies in North Rhine-Westphalia can use the CIRCO method to calculate their potential for the circular economy.”

Dr Peter Jahns, Head of the National Efficiency Agency NRW: “With our advice, we have for many years made companies in NRW aware of the issues of resource efficiency and circular economy. The CIRCO method is a good starting point for manufacturing companies to identify circular initiatives and plan their implementation. This workshop concept is an excellent complement to our offer to companies for resource-saving management. We are all the more pleased that we were chosen as the first CIRCO hub in Germany. “

What is CIRCO?

The purpose of the CIRCO method is to stimulate the development of circular products in the form of circular design and circular business models on existing products. The series includes a total of five workshops with participants from ten companies each.

In the first step, the existing value chains are analyzed. The series ends with a pitch where the individual action plans that the participants have developed can be prepared and later presented internally.

The series is characterized by a combination of information provided by educators, independent work using online design tools and group exchanges.

The CIRCO method has been developed on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of the Environment on the basis of the scientific results of the “Products that last” study from TU Delft. The established method has already been used successfully by over 1400 companies and 600 designers in the Netherlands. There are currently 12 CIRCO hubs worldwide.

Further information on the topic of circular economy and the upcoming CIRCO workshops in the efficiency agency NRW can be found at

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