27 inch, WQHD, 165Hz to 270Hz

Anyone who wants to buy a gaming monitor usually chooses a 27-inch screen as this screen size currently provides the best value for money. WQHD resolution is almost standard in gamers’ screens, as are refresh rates from 165Hz. In this segment, which is so popular, more gaming monitors are currently being offered at lower prices than ever before, from brands like Gigabyte, LG, Asus, AOC or Acer and from retailers like Amazon, Saturn or Mindfactory. If you are looking for a gaming screen with Full HD, you will find it too. Here we have found a low price offer for less than 150 euros.

Why are 27 inches, WQHD and 165Hz so popular?

Gaming monitors with a 27-inch screen diagonal, WQHD resolution and a refresh rate of 165Hz are currently sold as hot bread. Why is this equipment so popular among monitors? Each native pixel output on the screen must be calculated by the PC. The higher the resolution, screen size and refresh rate, the more computing power is required by the computer. If you want to maximize a 32-inch screen with 4K UHD resolution and 270Hz refresh rate, you need a real power machine. Therefore, 27 inches, WQHD and 144Hz or 165Hz currently represent an optimal compromise between a great gaming experience and obtainable PC equipment. Anyone who wants to buy a gaming monitor will of course want a future-proof device. So it may make sense to adapt a monitor not to the current but to the future PC configuration. The 27-inch Acer Nitro XV2 display can even be clocked up to a refresh rate of 270Hz. You can currently order the gaming screen from Amazon cheaper than ever, so the 27-inch screen can be found on our list of top gaming screens at bottom prices.

Which 27-inch, WQHD and 165Hz gaming screens can be purchased cheaper than ever?

The Gigabyte M27Q has a dedicated button that allows you to switch between multiple connected devices without going through a menu.

Source: gigabytes

Our collection of 27-inch gaming screens, WQHD resolution and refresh rate from 165Hz to 270Hz starts at a base price of 259 euros. A top-equipped 27-inch screen from AOC with curved screen and 165Hz can already be purchased at this price – free shipping from Amazon. If you value an IPS panel for a wider viewing angle and optimal color reproduction, you can use the Asus TUF VG27AQZ, which has never been cheaper to order from Saturn at a price of 299 euros. The Gigabyte M27Q P can even be tilted slightly backwards for optimal ergonomics or forwards when it is wall mounted and offers a button to switch directly between several connected devices. All the gaming monitors we have assembled from 27 inches, WQHD resolution and 165Hz, have one thing in common: The monitors are currently cheaper than ever to buy.

Gaming screens with WQHD resolution from 27 inches

Gaming screen with Full HD resolution

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