NFT Trend: NFT Artist Blows Lamborghini In The Air And Auctions The Parts | news

• Shl0ms: “A Lambo is a pretty potent symbol for people involved in crypto […]”

• The 999 resulting NFTs ($ CAR) were auctioned off and most of the profits went to an art fund.

• The artist did not explicitly work with Lamborghini for the project.

“That [Blockchain]The technology has so much potential, but terrible things are being done with it. “NFT artist Shl0ms said in an interview with the information platform The Block Crypto. He had previously attracted attention with a new art project – and a Lamborghini in the wind. to convert the individual parts into NFTs.


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CAR: Criticism of the crypto industry

The project is called CAR: According to The Block Crypto, the artist’s team originally purchased a Lamborghini Huracán for about $ 250,000. “A Lambo is a pretty potent symbol for people who are into crypto because they want to make money on other people as quickly as possible,” Shl0ms explained in the interview.

He then let his Twitter community decide whether the vehicle should be blown up or disassembled – the choice fell on the demolition.

The project cost a total of about one million US dollars

After a two-week preparatory phase, this was accomplished with the help of an expert and a team of over 100 people on February 2, 2022 at a site in the American desert that was not specified for The Block Crypto. The cost of the project was about one million US dollars. In mid-February, the artist posted an artistically edited video on the project on Twitter, which addresses the topic of art and destruction – including the well-known Banksy artwork that shredded itself in the middle of an auction.

999 NFTs were created from the individual parts – the proceeds go to an art fund

The vehicle was blown up in a controlled manner so that the individual parts did not become too small – for the artist has now created 999 NFTs ($ CAR) of them, of which 888 were available at auction on 25 February. The WETH currency was used as a means of payment. According to Shl0ms on Twitter, most of the profits go to the Obelisk Art Foundation. The remaining tokens will go to the artist’s team and the project’s investor, according to The Block Crypto. The artist also explicitly emphasizes that the work of art is not a cynical project to fill one’s own pockets. In addition, I did not collaborate with Lamborghini, AUDI or Volkswagen for the campaign. This can also be seen on his website. This sets it apart from the automotive industry and the official NFT set of a digitally exploding Lamborghini released a few weeks ago.

By 2021, Shl0ms had already smashed a urinal based on a work of art by Marcel Duchamp and created 150 NFTs from the individual parts. According to media reports, these were then sold under the project name NFTN for a total of about $ 500,000.


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