Jobs in the crypto sector: These professional profiles are needed | 05/11/22

• Switzerland with ambitious cryptocurrencies
• There is a great demand for crypto jobs
• No clearly defined job descriptions

Switzerland’s cryptoambitions are big. In particular, the Swiss municipality of Zug has developed into a hotspot for crypto activities. In the so-called Crypto Valley, more than 1,000 companies with more than 6,000 employees currently work in the blockchain sector, an analysis from Zug venture capital shows. the firm Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) recently showed.

Lugano also wants a share of the cryptocurrency and recently announced plans to become the European Center for Cryptocurrencies. These ambitions entail a great need for skilled workers. But crypto or blockchain expert is by no means a uniform job description – instead, specialists with a wide range of competencies are sought. The job opportunities in the crypto sector have long gone beyond those of crypto workers. These professional profiles are in particular demand in the crypto segment.


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Blockchain programmer / developer

IT companies in particular demand developers and programmers with knowledge of blockchain. As part of their activities, blockchain developers design blockchains and blockchain-based solutions and also implement and test these databases.

Anyone wishing to work in this field is ideally familiar with programming languages ​​used in blockchain development. In addition, knowledge of database development is essential, and creative problem-solving skills are also required by many employers.

Crypto project manager

Project management plays a major role in the relatively young crypto segment, as many companies often do not yet have a blueprint for blockchain solutions, which means that blockchain applications and non-blockchain applications must be combined. Crypto project managers act as an interface between technicians and operators that drive the development of a company’s blockchain segment.

Crypto lecturer

The job portal is also looking for trainers in the crypto area. Universities in particular are looking for well-trained specialists who can pass on their specialist knowledge. Anyone wishing to work in this segment needs not only appropriate experience in the field but also knowledge of cryptomechanisms, programming and networking.

security architect

Software Security Architect in the crypto sector is also one of the professions for which there is increasing demand. The task of security assistants is to establish, secure and improve platform security to protect blockchain applications from attack.

Security architects should have IT-related training and always be up to date with the latest networking technologies.

cryptocurrency developer

Cryptocurrency developers are developing crypto applications using blockchain technology. They should therefore primarily be blockchain experts in order to develop IT solutions for the employer or its customers.

Metaverse experts

The metaverse expert’s job description is largely open. The new technology area, which many experts believe has great future prospects, offers numerous opportunities for job seekers. On the one hand, there may be a need for IT knowledge, but metaverse experts are also needed in marketing, project management or in NFTs.

As in the crypto sector in general, security architects will also play an increasing role for Metaverse, and so-called storytellers are likely to occupy a niche in the Metaverse job market in the future.

Crypto jobs are still quite young

The segment of crypto jobs – like the crypto market itself – is still quite young. Different job profiles often blend into each other and there is not always a clear demarcation. In addition: The job offers in the crypto segment are very variable, depending on the requirements of the employer and its customers, both the job titles and the specific areas of responsibility vary. Against this background, the range of job profiles in demand in the crypto sector is not complete and is constantly being expanded.


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