Elena Miras: What do you know about her fortune, new boyfriend and relationship with Mike Heiter?

Viewers of the cultivated reality-trash TV will not be able to ignore this woman: Elena Miras. With his lively nature, the native Swiss has already made an impression in one or the other TV format. This has brought her not only fans but also many haters. But is Elena Miras privately so argumentative?

Origin, family and job: Elena Miras is half Spanish

Elena Miras was born in Switzerland on April 25, 1992, has a brother and a sister – and also speaks Spanish. She has given up her previous job since her TV breakthrough. Her real job was account manager for the Swiss telephone company “Swisscom”.

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What is known about Elena Mira’s net worth?

It is now well known that reality TV and Instagram can be a good source of income for celebrities. Through her various appearances in shows, Elena Miras should now earn really well. However, it is not known how much she gets per shipment. She also does not comment publicly on private assets.

Elena Miras’ ex-boyfriend: “Love Island” winner Jan Sokolowsky

In 2017, Elena participated in the dating show “Love Island”, which she left as the winner along with her show partner Jan Sokolowsky. The pair announced their split three days after the final was broadcast. Ex-boyfriend Jan was a candidate for the nude dating show “Adam sucht Eva” in 2018.

Elena Miras: child Aylin with ex-partner Mike Heiter

Elena also met her Mike Heiter on “Love Island”. Although the two did not become a couple in the show, they still got together after the RTL2 show. In August 2018, their daughter Aylin was born. The couple lived together in Zurich for a while.

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Privacy: Elena Miras likes it quieter

In “Summer House of the Stars,” Elena did not even stop by her then-boyfriend Mike Heiter with her verbal freaks, repeatedly describing him as “disabled” or “stupid.” She even threatened him with separation if he did not do well at the games. Was it all just to show?

Privately, the lives of Elena Miras and Mike Heiter are said to have been less “spirited”. “Anyone who knows us knows that we are not that private. Well, we do not quarrel every day, we almost never curse each other,” Elena said in an interview with “Promiflash”. The couple is now separated.

Elena Miras’ career: “cottage” and jungle camp

In the summer of 2019, Elena Miras moved to the prominent “Summer House of the Stars” and fought with Mike Heiter against other celebrity couples like Willi and Jasmin Herren, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller or Johannes Haller and Yeliz Koc.

Elena and Mike could assert themselves in the “cottage” and won the show. The two would like to save the prize money of 50,000 euros for their daughter Aylin.

Even in the jungle camp, Elena Miras did not hold back. The target of their outburst of anger was usually Jens Büchner’s widow. But she also often clashed with celebrity candidate Sven Ottke. On day 14, she was eliminated just before the semifinals.

Separation of Mike Heiter and new partner

Elena Miras and Mike Heiter broke up in the fall of 2020 – the ex-couple came with public charges for days. Meanwhile, the ex-couple have reconciled: “Elena and I have spoken out,” Heiter said in January 2021. It is now better to clarify problems or differences of opinion, also because of their daughter, privately.

Elena Miras’ new friend: kiss picture with rapper XELLEN7

In March 2021, Elena announced her new relationship. She is happy in a relationship with the Swiss rapper XELLEN7 and now keeps her private life out of the public eye. It seems she has learned from the past.

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Elena Miras: critique of heartfelt words

When the emotions run away with Elena Miras, it’s not for the sensitive mind. “You are all disabled freaks” is a saying often heard from the 28-year-old in the “cottage”. This gave her many haters who scolded her on social media.

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Elena Miras homeless for TV experiment

Elena Miras voluntarily gave up luxury and family for a TV show. In “Celebrity and Homeless – Gutter instead of Glamor” last year, the bubbly Swiss woman had to spend 72 hours in a foreign city. During the experiment, she had no money, no housing and only the clothes she has on her body.

Elena Miras at “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022

She had been on hiatus for almost a year on television, now Elena Miras is back. In “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022, as you know, she does not hold back her opinion. The waste show has been on RTLZWEI since April 13, 2022.

What’s going on between Elena Miras and Jan Leyk?

Elena Miras also meets Jan Leyk in the reality show. At first, the relationship between the two does not seem to be developing well, because the DJ must have previously spoken badly about the TV beauty and her daughter. But now the two get well out of it and can even laugh together. It remains to be seen if this develops into a real friendship.

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