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Chlorine dioxide is a bleach. But there are obviously people who drink it as a remedy, so-called CDL. Doctors warn against this ideology, which is probably increasingly putting children at risk.

by Marlene Kukral and Amelia Wischnewski

“I’m very worried about my grandchildren.” This research began with this message from a grandmother from the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg in Lower Saxony. The woman does not want to read her real name in public to protect her grandchildren. She combines her concerns about the grandchildren with a reproach to the children’s mother: “I accuse my daughter-in-law of deliberately endangering my grandchildren’s lives and health for an ideology that has been firmly established in her head.” The grandmother says her daughter-in-law should give her three grandchildren CDL, which means highly concentrated chlorine dioxide solution. By law, it would be a danger to children.

The mother has custody

The children’s mother does not want to comment on the allegation. She ends the call abruptly before we can even ask our questions. We try in writing. But she also does not respond to our email. The children’s father talks to NDR and gives an interview. He also wants to remain anonymous. We call him Michael. He is also very worried about his children, he says. He lives separately from the child’s mother, custody is solely with the mother. Michael is allowed to see his children every other week.

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Chlorine dioxide is not a cure

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that is obtained using, among other things, sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. Dissolved in water, it is used as a bleach and is part of many disinfectants and cleaners. Chlorine dioxide is not a cure, warn doctors and toxicologists. The distribution of chlorine dioxide with reference to a healing effect is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, there are apparently some people who take CDL to protect themselves from diseases like corona, cancer or autism.

“There was always a bottle of CDL in the fridge”

“There was always a bottle of CDL in the fridge when we lived together,” says Michael. He drank it himself once while lying sick of the flu in bed. His wife recommended it to him at the time, he says. Only when he was later hospitalized with pneumonia did he begin questioning the CDL. He is worried that his children will still have to ingest the toxic substance if they are unwell. As he no longer lives in the same household, he has noticed symptoms when he sees the children: he reports frequent diarrhea, sudden vomiting and constant abdominal pain. Once he had taken the children to the pediatrician because of this. She asked the kids if they could drink something that smelled of a swimming pool. “The kids said yes,” Michael says. The doctor immediately warned that the children should never continue to take chlorine dioxide. Since then, the father says, he has tried to convince the child’s mother of the serious consequences of the CDL.

More poison control calls about CDL since Corona

Cough, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat are the most common symptoms of chlorine dioxide poisoning, according to the Poison Information Center North in Göttingen. Their statistics show that since the beginning of the corona pandemic, emergency calls for chlorine dioxide have risen in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein: from seven emergency calls in 2019 to 50 in 2021. The center has already had 24 calls this year. due to chlorine dioxide in northern Germany.

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The reason, according to the state authority, is the many conspiracy myths on the Internet. This also applies to right-wing propaganda. (04/20/2021) more

Five youth welfare offices in Lower Saxony report a suspected case

During our research, we asked all 54 youth welfare offices in Lower Saxony if they had already investigated suspected cases where children were suspected of having contracted CDL. The county of Bentheim is one of five districts in Lower Saxony that last year had to deal with a suspected case. “If children have to take chlorine dioxide, there is always a suspicion that the child’s welfare is in danger,” it says. Anyone who suspects that someone is administering chlorine dioxide to children should report this to the Youth Department. This can also be done anonymously. However, it is difficult to pursue a suspicion. The youth offices usually check such a suspicion using a blood test. But: “The health department of the district is not aware that chlorine dioxide can be detected in the body,” reports the district Grafschaft Bentheim. And from the district Hildesheim it says: “If a similar medical examination does not provide evidence, the case is closed to the youth care.”

Toxicologist suspects a large number of unreported cases

“CDL is difficult to prove,” says Bernd Mühlbauer, director of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the Bremen Clinic. There are no medical studies on the use of CDL and its consequences. Because no studies are done with poison, says Mühlbauer. “Chlorine dioxide is a toxic substance. It can dissolve mucous membranes, it can really make holes in the skin and therefore it has no place in and on the body.” The first signs of poisoning are diarrhea and vomiting. Institutions such as schools and kindergartens therefore have little chance of noticing when children get chlorine dioxide, the toxicologist believes. Diarrhea can be many things. He assumes that many cases therefore happen in secret.

Available online

If you search for CDL on the internet, you will get ads for several online stores that sell CDL. The drug is not banned. The municipalities also use chlorine dioxide in small amounts to treat heavily polluted drinking water. It must not be sold as a remedy because it is not an approved drug. An online store in Hanover also offers CDL, according to its own statements, for clean, bacteria-free drinking water. In addition to CDL, the supplier also sells spices with reference to the fact that these can also be used as medicine. What is striking: the provider indicates its headquarters in the “Kingdom of Germany”. This could be an indication of a particular worldview: the so-called “kingdom” is a state of imagination of the anti-constitutional Reichsbürger scene in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. Right-wing extremists also join the sect-like group, and the Constitutional Office speaks of a “dangerous trend”. However, the online store owner does not count himself among the citizens, he answers when asked.

CDL even for infants

CDL is particularly prevalent among adherents of the lateral thinker ideology and in the esoteric scene. Michael’s wife is also said to be a lateral thinker, he says. The telegram messenger service, which is popular in the scene, has groups where users can openly discuss how they think the CDL should be used. Some of the corresponding groups have almost 15,000 members from all over the German-speaking area. If you are looking for supposed information on how to dose CDL in children, you will quickly find it. “How much CDL can babies ingest, how much water?” asks a user. There is a lot of news like this out there.

The Youth Office has already closed the case

Only after leaving his wife did Michael report to the youth welfare service in Lüchow-Dannenberg that his former partner should have given their children CDL. The youth office has, according to its own statement, checked the presumed case. The claim could not be proven, the district writes upon request. “The attending pediatrician rejected a study for the administration of chlorine dioxide on the grounds that more important studies should be performed with priority,” the written statement said. The pediatrician contradicts this statement. You did not say no to such an examination, but referred to forensic medicine. “In general, if there is a suspicion of bodily harm in the sense of poisoning, it is not the pediatrician, but the forensic pathologist, who is authorized to secure evidence and carry out a toxicological examination,” the doctor writes to NDR. The youth office did not involve forensics and did not turn on other doctors, the district said when asked. Instead, it states: “With regard to the allegations of chlorine dioxide administration, the case on the youth protection is considered closed.”

Criminal charges of violence

The father of the affected children cannot understand that. Michael has now reported his former partner for assault. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Lüneburg confirms the similar investigations.

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