Banxa launches a direct cash-to-NFT cash register solution for the NFT market

Banxa Holdings Inc. launches Direct Cash-to-NFT Checkout solution for the NFT market

Important key data:

– Banxa enters the $ 17 billion NFT market with its new payment tool to buy NFTs using fiat currency (1); market access is via the leading NFT marketplace Atomic Hub.

– In April, agreements were signed with a number of important new partners, including BitForex, Umbria and CoinTiger.

– Added 5 new coins and blockchains including HBAR, LUNA and WAXP.

– Total transaction value (TTV) of AUD 79 million (US $ 56 million) in line with market volume.

TORONTO & MELBOURNE, May 11, 2022 – BANXA Holdings Inc. (TSX-V: BNXA) (OTCQX: BNXAF) (FSE: AC00) (“Banxa” or “The Company”) announces the launch of its new Fiat-to-NFT-Checkout product with its partner Atomic Hub, the leading marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The consumer NFT market has experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months, and this product launch positions Banxa to participate in this growing market. This gives the company’s global partner network access to millions of end users who want to purchase NFTs with a credit card as simply as possible.

This product launch was in collaboration with Atomic Hub – the leading play-to-earn NFT marketplace and provider of large collections such as Atari, Hasbro and Hot Wheels. Banxa has an infrastructure built on top of the WAX ​​blockchain (WAX is certified CO2 neutral and is recognized as the highest performing API-enabled blockchain with the fastest e-commerce transactions) and therefore believes it has created the first of many partnerships in the ecosystem , designed to reduce the friction in NFT purchases. NFT revenue growth has exceeded $ 17 billion by 2021, and the market for value-driven NFTs is booming – NFTs are fast becoming an integral part of the Web3 ecosystem.

Holger Arians, CEO of Banxa, says: At Banxa, we are pleased to be able to build on the basis of our on- and off-ramp base product with our new fiat-to-NFT box. We know that there is a lot of friction in buying NFTs, and we believe that our box product will make it easier for consumers to buy NFTs from our partners. That is why it is all the more important for us to create additional access points both inside and outside the cryptocurrency market.

During April, Banxa announced five new partners, including the leading crypto-trading platform BitForex with over 5 million users, the Singapore-based crypto exchange CoinTiger and the DeFi platform Umbria.

During the same period, the team also added the following five new coins and blockchains:

– HBAR in the original hash graph Hedera

– LUNA on the native blockchain TERRA

– UST on the native blockchain TERRA

– WAXP on the native blockchain WAX

– USDC and native hashgraph Hedera

Banxa makes it clear once again that it is important for him to offer his global partner network of exchanges, wallets, dApps and NFT marketplaces the widest possible range of coins and blockchains.

At the end of April, Banxa also had a total transaction value (TTV) of A $ 79 million (US $ 56 million), in line with the market decline and peer basis.

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BANXA Holdings Inc. (TSX-V: BNXA) (OTCQX: BNXAF) (FSE: AC00)

Banxa operates the world’s largest digital asset platforms by providing payment infrastructure and regulatory compliance in global markets. Banxa’s mission and vision is to build the bridge that gives people everywhere access to a fairer financial system. Banxa is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, while its European headquarters are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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