“Visual points of friction” in the Hotel Schönau

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Reconstruction and new design: “Visual friction points” in Hotel Schönau

placesThe Stederdorf Hotel Schönau on Peiner Straße has given itself a modern coat of paint with numerous visual eye-catchers and fresh colors. The hotel has existed since 1915. Owner Torben Hacke tells what has been renovated in the building and how the restaurant’s opening hours have been adapted.

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200,000 euros invested

The restaurateur spent a total of 200,000 euros on completely redesigning the area around the former beer hall since January. He was supported by his parents Ulrich and Rosi Hacke and interior designer Elke Werther from Sehnde. New rooms were decorated and the previous decor was boldly changed. There are some deliberately inserted points of friction. “It sounds strange, but Corona helped us with the conversion. Because there were no or few events due to the pandemic. So we could spend the time intensively redesigning the rooms,” says Hacke.

If you walk from the hotel’s main entrance into the left area of ​​the building, you can no longer go directly to the beer bar “with the charm of the 1990s” as usual, but first encounter the new so-called oasis room on the right. The colorful pink wallpaper with zebra, peacock and palm motifs immediately catches the eye – very untraditional. A long green sofa along the wall invites you to sit down and the next gimmick is metal bowls in the ceiling, arranged like lily pillows. “Many guests discuss this space,” he explains, “some find it beautiful, others not so much.” But this “optical friction point” is also desirable.

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Wallpapers are blue-gray and gold

Continue left into the restaurant, where a black, indirectly lit reception desk opens the room in front of a red back wall. There are Italian chairs in purple and aqua green, the wallpaper is blue-gray and some gold. The dark rug has a rose pattern. The restaurateur says: “We limit the restaurant’s opening hours from Monday to Thursday. It always starts at 6 pm. ”The weekend, on the other hand, is about weddings and family parties. “Then the restaurant is therefore closed.”

Dehoga: Schönau also motivates others

What does the German Hotel and Restaurant Association in Lower Saxony (Dehoga) say about the renovation of the Hotel Schönau and the current corona situation in gastronomy? Peiner chairman Torsten Kowohl says: “It is great that owner Torben Hacke continues to invest in his hotel and restaurant. Schönau is the flagship of our city and meets the highest demands of our guests. We need something like this.” Overall, the situation in Peiner gastronomy is still subdued due to Corona. “Fortunately, guest demand is rising and we are back at around 50 to 70 percent of normal demand,” says Kowohl, who runs the theater restaurant Peiner Festsäle. the operators act with caution after the last two years’ “bitter lockdown experiences”, and one would not know what would happen next autumn. The chairman continued: It can also motivate others. ”

We continue to the former beer hall, which is now a so-called diner. It is dominated by large petrol-colored sofas, which are located at four tables. The large tinted lamps and the eggplant colored blinds are also new. The counter is reduced and the bar stools are gone. “Here, hotel guests rarely sat at the counter, and therefore the area for breakfast was newly decorated,” says Hacke. There are now various jams and muesli, and behind the counter is a large coffee machine. There is another self-service beverage vending machine in the former cloakroom.

Right next to the dining room are two other small rooms, the hunting lodge and the salon. The hunting lodge is located where the pub’s cash register used to be. The room is decorated in gray / charcoal with small antlers hanging on the wall. A gray bench invites you to linger at a large table. The salon is also a small space. Here are small tables and chairs. The bright red bench and funny paintings of dogs in uniform immediately catch the eye – another eye-catcher. The owner: “Smaller groups can use these rooms, which can also be closed with a sliding door.” The adjoining larger room, where the breakfast buffet is arranged for guests in the morning, is almost unchanged.

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Elongation delayed due to Corona

Hacke is pleased that the renovation of the Schönau hotel and restaurant has been successful and hopes that guests will like the new, modern decor and furniture. The planned extension, on the other hand, is being postponed, and the restaurateur would have liked to have started with the extension in 2021 – but then the Corona crisis suddenly slowed him down. The project is large, 50 new rooms and a parking basement are to be built. Estimated cost: more than five million euros. With this, Hotel Schönau would almost double its number of rooms. Currently guests can stay in 61 rooms. However, this plan has not been blown up – on the contrary: in the near future, the expansion will take place with the underground car park.

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