Visa launches new program for NFT entrepreneurs

When you hear the word Visa, many people think of the Visa Card credit card. However, much more is at stake here. The company has gradually built up a financial empire and is with a market value of 500 billion US dollars one of the world’s largest companies.

The payment provider Visa had previously shown great interest in the crypto world and finally wanted to gain a foothold in this area. Financial services giant Visa entered the world of NFT trading by purchasing a virtual Cryptopunk 2021.

The credit card company Visa is convinced that NFTs will be of great importance in the retail trade in the future. So it was important for Visa not only to think about the big companies but also to give smaller companies a helping hand. So that was the birth of the “Visa Creator Program”.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. A token is a digital proof of ownership and corresponds to the coin or equivalent digital cryptocurrency.

NFTs are digital evidence of ownership of intangible assets, such as intellectual property that can be traded and transferred thanks to blockchain technology. Such NFTs are often used in the computer game industry, by artists for digital works of art, for tickets, collectibles and so on.

This allows an artist to create a limited number of digital artworks and offer them for sale.

NFTs – an accelerator for the creative industries

“The Visa Creator program aims to support small businesses and micro-enterprises and in particular companies from the creative industries such as artists, fashion designers, people from the film industry and musicians to promote their businesses through NFTs and discover the new media for digital commerce”, according to Cuy Sheffield.

According to Signal Fire, about 50 million creative people publish their content as a source of revenue.

NFTs allow fans and collectors to connect directly, making it easier for creative businesses to monetize their work and grow their businesses.

At the same time, the reach of the audience increases significantly and thus has a positive effect on the company’s growth. NFTs therefore have great potential for the creative industries.

Visa is proud to partner with Major League Baseball player and crypto artist Micah Johnson. Micah Johnson said they together want to empower creators with the resources they need to reach the pinnacle of the revolution.

Visa Creator Program – This is the mission

The goal of the Visa Creator program is to gain knowledge about crypto trading and deepen traditional payments. A team of Visa experts will cover various topics such as NFT marketplaces or assessing compromises between underlying blockchain networks and other topics from the crypto world.

A grant is offered to developers of the program. They also have the ability to connect directly with Visa customers and partners.

Conclusion on the Visa Creator program

As the world’s largest payment service provider, Visa is in principle very interested in cryptocurrencies and their digital payment systems. Visa has long been interested in blockchain technology and has already made numerous collaborations and investments in companies in the crypto industry.

This Visa Creator program for entrepreneurs and start-ups from the NFT industry accurately captures the spirit of the times. NFTs are becoming more and more popular and finding their way into mainstream society through world-renowned sports clubs and sporting events launching their own NFT programs.

Visa will also make a lot of money with NFTs and, incidentally, pave the way for success for many start-ups and small businesses.

A good commitment from Visa, let’s see what the next project is to keep playing in the crypto and blockchain world.

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