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Berlin / Dnipro (ots)

Children sheltered underground in Ukraine are running out of supplies and have little opportunity to play or learn. Save the Children distributes aids and so-called “bunker sets” to support the affected families.

At least 559 children have been killed or wounded in the war in Ukraine since February 24. Many people are afraid to walk the streets in disputed areas. It is estimated that more than 11 million people have fled their homes since the conflict began, including more than two-thirds of all children in Ukraine. In parts of the country, thousands of children are trapped in metro stations, school basements and other shelters while shelling and bombing continue.

In Ukraine, Save the Children is working with local partner organization Pomagaem to address supply shortages and ensure that children housed in bunkers can continue to be children. The distributed “Bunker Sets” contain toys, games, crafts, learning materials and suggestions for activities that can support children’s mental health and help them deal with stress and express their emotions. The sets are delivered to areas where matches take place, along with food, blankets, warm clothing, water, medicine and other important supplies.

“Can you imagine being a kid trapped in a bunker for weeks while fighting and shooting outside?” asks Pete Walsh, Save the Children Ukraine Country Director. “In bunkers there is little light, no play opportunities outside, little food and water and poor access to online learning – all essential for a child’s well-being. These conditions can cause significant physical and mental harm. All children have the right. To play that learning and being protected from violence – these rights do not end in wartime ‘Bunker sets’ cannot replace what childhood should be, but they do provide opportunities for children and their carers to maintain their well-being during extreme adversity. ”

Save the Children, together with partner Crown Agents, a non-profit international development company in Ukraine, also supplies more than 60,000 so-called “trauma kits” to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for distribution to hospitals and other first aiders. They contain first aid kits to stop bleeding and treat injuries, including bandages and tournaments. The Ministry of Health has mentioned “trauma sets” as one of the most urgent needs to treat the growing number of injured people.

Children are at greater risk than adults because of their particular vulnerability to damage in conflict zones. Head injuries are common in young children because they have weaker necks and torso. Patients under the age of seven have twice the risk of getting a head injury as older girls and boys.

Save the Children condemns the attacks on civilian and civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, and the use of ballistic missiles and other explosive weapons, which cause civilian casualties and violate international humanitarian law.

The Children’s Rights Organization works with other local partners in Ukraine to provide displaced families with shelter, food, cash, fuel, psychosocial support, baby and hygiene kits. Save the Children has been working in Ukraine since 2014, providing vital humanitarian assistance to children and their families since the beginning of the conflict.

Editor’s note:

o Save the Children is working with Pomagaem to gain access to families in bunkers in the disputed areas. Pomagaem was founded in 2009 and primarily supports children with illness or disability, orphans and girls and boys who have been abused.

o Each Bunker Kit contains different types of toys and activity materials suitable for children of all ages and their families. Examples include arts and crafts activities, ball games, toys for imaginative play and quizzes, and board games to engage with peers and family. It is important that each set also includes materials for psychosocial activities to help children deal with their stress and share their emotions. This also helps parents to deal with their children in a positive way in this extraordinary situation.

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In the post-war year 1919, the British social reformer Eglantyne Jebb founded Save the Children to save children in Germany and Austria from starvation. Today, it is now the largest independent child rights organization in the world, active in around 120 countries. Save the Children works for children in wars, conflicts and disasters. For a world that respects the rights of children, where all children can live healthy and safe and grow up and learn freely and independently – for over 100 years.

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Save the Children is registered in Germany
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