Sunday shopping with big children and youth festival and “new sky over Burgdorf”


Stadtmarketing Burgdorf (SMB) is organizing the second shopping Sunday of the new year next Sunday, May 15, 2022. From 13.00 to 18.00, more than 40 shops and restaurants will open in the city center as well as on Uetzer Straße and in front of Celler Tor. Favorable options and attractive price campaigns ensure great shopping pleasure. Highlights of the support program are the big children’s festival on Marktstraße and the start of the campaign “Pep up – new sky over Burgdorf”.

Children and youth festival with lots of practical activities

At the large children’s and young people’s festival, there are numerous practical activities on 12 playgrounds along the entire Marktstraße. Children and young people who like to be active can climb in boxes or climb a mobile climbing wall. Training as an astronaut is the order of the day at Aerotrim. Two other attractions are a giant swing and a swing boat. The football arrows and the water pool for stand-up paddling also provide variety.

In the colorful circus tent there is the opportunity to play FIFA and a quick reaction game. Those who want to live out their creative line can make individual bracelets, shape cans for lamps, make paper, hammer copper bowls or have their face made up imaginatively. There is also an entertaining stage program on Spittaplatz with Studio B5 and other show groups from Burgdorf. The city’s youth welfare supports the city’s marketing in the organization of the children’s festival.

Distribution of Burgdorfer gift cards

Each visitor receives a route map. Anyone who actively uses all 12 gaming stations during the afternoon and can prove this with stamps could, with a little luck, be among the winners of Burgdorfer gift cards. To do this, the stamped leaflets must be thrown in the lottery box no later than The draw will take place at 5.30 pm on the Spittaplatz stage.

“New sky over Burgdorf”

From noon on 15 May, visitors to the city center will have the opportunity to take a look at the “Pep up – new sky over Burgdorf” campaign for the first time. The focus is on the new seasonal theme decoration “Butterflies” on the street spans in Marktstrasse, Poststrasse, Braunschweiger Strasse and Hannoversche Neustadt, which is otherwise used for Christmas lighting.

Exhibitions at both museums

The City Museum (Schmiedestraße 6) and KulturWerkStadt (Poststraße 2, exhibition “Burgdorfer Heads”) are open with free admission from 12:00 until 18:00. The exhibition “Fascination of the 20s – Life in the Weimar Republic” in the City Museum shows how the “golden 20s” – now considered a myth – really were. In addition to the glamor exhibited everywhere and a zest for life revived after the war years, the Weimar Republic also had many dark sides. The exhibition throws exciting highlights on the period between 1919 and 1933 and also relates regional issues to national and international developments. From 2 pm there will be free hands-on activities for young and old visitors. The focus is on dressing up in historical costumes, painting coffee and games from the 1920s.

Convenient parking around the city center

The event area in Burgdorfer City (Marktstrasse, Spittaplatz, Poststrasse, Neue Torstrasse, Schmiedestrasse) will be closed to traffic on 15 May until 20.00. The buses are being diverted. Parking is available on Schützenplatz, at the horse market, in the multi-storey car park at the train station, under and on the high bridge, at City Hall II, in the upper part of Hannoversche Neustadt and on Bergstrasse.

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