Police Reporter Schwabach: Unknown man spoke to children on their way to school

As reported in report 556, an unknown person spoke suspiciously to two children in Großschwarzenlohe and Röthenbach near St. Wolfgang (Wendelstein Municipality / Roth District) over the last few weeks. Due to recent events, the criminal police in Schwabach and the representative of victims of crime from the police headquarters in Central Franconia organized an information evening for parents in cooperation with the schools in the Wendelstein market.

The information evening took place on Monday (09.05.2022) from kl. 19 in the forest hall in Großschwarzenlohe. More than 300 parents attended the event at the invitation of school administrations at all primary schools in the Wendelstein market and the Schwabach Criminal Police.

Chief Inspector Sabine Lauterbach of the Schwabach Criminal Police in charge of sexual crimes first explained the actions in the two verified cases and also repeated the personal description of the unknown man.

Furthermore, KHKin Lauterbach outlined the previous police actions as well as the ongoing ones to clarify the facts and ensured the highest transparency for the criminal investigation work among the listeners.

Investigators are taking parents’ concerns very seriously, which is why this investigation is currently a top priority for Schwabach police.

Nevertheless, KHKin Lauterbach explained that according to the current status of investigations, both incidents can not be linked to a person who was warned by privately created leaflets, including in social networks in the Wendelstein area, and whose house was recently visited by strangers in a threat. manner. In this context, the possible criminal liability for such private initiatives was urgently pointed out.

Later in the evening, the representative of victims of crime at the police headquarters in Central Franconia, First Chief Inspector Heike Krämer, gave a detailed prevention lecture on the topic “Sexual abuse of children”. In this context, basic behavioral advice was given to parents, teachers, educators and children to those present in the form of information material.

The criminal department in Schwabach is conducting further investigations, in connection with which Schwabach police supervision largely follows the school route.

The unknown man who spoke to the two children is described as follows:

About 50 – 60 years old, about 175 cm – 180 cm tall, normal build, short gray hair. In both cases, the man was wearing a short, black leather jacket.

The stranger was driving a red car, probably a van (similar to a VW Caddy). A license plate is not known.

Anyone who can provide relevant information in connection with the two incidents is asked to contact the police on 0911 2112-3333.

The police take citizens’ concerns seriously and give the following instructions on how to behave:


– Take the time regularly to talk to your child about his or her experiences and concerns. Make your child feel like they can tell you anything.

– Practice with your child in everyday life how to behave in threatening situations so that he can react correctly in an emergency. A self-assertion course for children can be helpful here.

– Do not scare your child. Panic is a bad companion in every way.

In an emergency:

– If your child reports an incident, first try to stay calm. Listen carefully to your child and take it seriously.

– In emergency situations, call the police immediately on the emergency number 110.

– Do not make your own “search calls” in social networks, chat groups, etc. Here you have neither the degree of distribution nor the content of additional distribution messages in hand.

For prevention:

– Discuss with your child where he or she can get help on the way to school / playground (shops, ringing doorbells, busy streets, etc.).

– If possible, send your child to school or the playground in small groups with other children.

– Do not label clothes or the school bag with the name that is visible from the outside. If a stranger addresses the child by his first name, a basis of trust is proposed.

– Children must learn to keep their distance from vehicles when they are spoken to.

Children need to know that they can always reject requests or requests from strangers without being rude.

– Children must experience respect and self-confidence in everyday life in order to develop self-confidence. Perpetrators prefer to turn to children who seem insecure. Self-confidence is therefore an effective protection.

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