Playground Margrethausen: The children plan diligently themselves – adults are taboo – Albstadt and surroundings

The kids were eager to do so.  Photo: Raab

The kids were eager to do so. Photo: Raab

The playground in Hafnergasse in Margrethausen is being redesigned – but not just over the heads of those it affects: the children.

Albstadt-Margrethausen – The local council invited about 50 children to the festival hall, and more than half, namely 27, came to bring their own ideas before and into the design.

The local councils were almost finished with Mayor Thomas Bolkart at the helm; However, they did not have much to report that afternoon, for adults – including parents! – were undesirable in the concrete planning work. “Here you are the experts, because what do adults know about swinging or climbing on a playground?” said Jessica Maier of the Albstadt Children and Youth Office, who led and moderated the event along with her colleague Carina Neumann and Kathrin Assenheimer from the city. planning office.

Not particularly inviting

However, this leadership was not strict or even authoritarian and should not be – on the contrary, it turned out to be almost superfluous. The six- to 13-year-olds were among themselves, laying out their plans, discussing constructively, and then putting their proposals on paper. During a visit to the site, they had previously assessed the starting situation on the playground in Hafnergasse in addition to Eyach, examined and tested the aging play equipment – two seesaws, a small climbing house, a swing, two slides and some horizontal poles. And made no secret of the fact that they found it all quite old-fashioned and uninviting.

Everyone wants a cable car

When they returned to the hall, they thought about how they could do better. Alone, in pairs or in small groups, they made using the craft materials provided designs in the form of aerial photos, where their wishes and suggestions were taken into account: nicer, better, more interesting swings, slides and climbing frames, a net swing, a hammock , a ground trampoline and a large sandbox, plus a climbing path and a slackline. As expected, the ideas were somewhat different, depending on how old the planner was. Some older people agreed to divide the area – the classic play equipment had to be combined in a smaller area, the larger one had to be reserved for a pump track. Of course, one prop was missing on almost every wish list: the cable car.

As a 13-year-old, you are already old

In the final round, Kathrin Assenheimer, Jessica Maier and Carina Neumann were very impressed with the wealth of ideas. However, they could not save the planners from a small setback: Rome was not built in a day. Some older boys had to visibly swallow when they were told that at most a few pieces of equipment would be put up in 2023 and that the new playground would then gradually take shape. Playgrounds are generally reserved for children and young people under 14 years of age; as a 13-year-old you did not have to be in a great mood to know that you would not get much out of the new playground. Mayor Bolkart, after all, comforted those affected, the boys could claim to have been involved in the planning of the project.

Nothing works without TÜV

Why so slow? Because it’s a little more expensive to buy a toy than to buy a piece of clothing – you can not just go to the store, buy it and take it with you; on the other hand, it has to be done first – after all, well over 10,000 euros. Above all, safety is important. Every slide, every climbing pole is approved by TÜV; it takes time. The kids finally saw it and acknowledged with a “thumbs up” for the course of the afternoon.

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