Peace for the children – peace for the world

Pop music with running beats from Preusschoff Stadium in Meckenheim could be heard from afar. The closer you got, the better you could see the happy faces of the children from the Catholic primary school in Meckenheim (KGS), who under guidance moved to the animated music to warm up for the upcoming charity race.

“I want to push myself really hard today and run many, many laps. For the money, Ukrainian children get in need, ”Nele explained. “It’s nice that we can help other kids by running for them,” Michi added brilliantly. “I also found many sponsors. I look forward to collecting the donations. ”

Before the starting pistol was fired, each student looked for sponsors who would donate a certain amount for each round completed. The kids had 45 minutes to run or walk as many laps as possible. The children in class 1 and 2 started at 8.30 this day, the children in class 3 and 4 started at 9.30 with the charity race. “Not only the goal, but also the road to it is important to us,” explained headmistress Corinna Stühm, who is enthusiastic about sports. “The school must be a place where children feel comfortable, discover and develop their strengths and develop their personality in community with others. A building block on this road is movement. Because exercise is always good for us and especially if we can do good with it. ”

Days before, many of them had been looking forward to the charity race. The children were finally able to show how they had improved their performance through intensive preparation during the sports lessons and through the daily training time as part of the project “I feel good”.

Then the starting rifle finally sounded and everyone could see highly motivated children who enjoyed running many laps for a good cause. The parents and classmates clapped and encouraged the young runners. But parents, grandparents and teachers also took the opportunity to run with and give the children mental support.

Each class had a class table on the stadium lawn where children could refresh themselves with drinks and healthy food before, during and after the run. In addition, the children were offered many class games that dealt with the topic of movement and cooperation. The stations were looked after by OGS employees. “It is a pity that such a charity race only takes place every four years,” lamented second-class Peer. “Because of the cheers and because I know the money is for the Ukrainian children, I ran more than ever today. It really motivated me and was a lot of fun, ”said the eight-year-old proudly. He managed to run 21 laps, or 8.4 kilometers. At that pace, even experienced runners would have had to struggle to keep up. But he was not the only one with this great running result. Some kids from levels 3 and 4 also ran an incredible 21 laps.

At the end of the event, everyone sang the song “Peace to the Children, Peace to the World” together. During the song, a very special atmosphere developed with goosebumps, which made everyone aware of how important peace is and how much everyone wants it. The children had previously discussed the topic of peace in class and rehearsed the song for it. “Even if you are more different, you should always treat each other peacefully. We want the war in Ukraine to stop and for everyone to live peacefully together, “Thiago reported.

With this wish and many other peaceful wishes and hopes, with goosebumps feeling and full of joy and pride, the KGS children, all KGS employees and the visitors left the happy stadium.

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