Leni Klum and her siblings: Heidi now shows all four children on Instagram

Heidi Klum enjoys the sunny weather in the USA with her husband Tom and their children. The daughter Leni Klum also seems to be at the barbecue.

NRW / USA – The internationally renowned “Germany’s Next Top Model” host Heidi Klum (48) has kept her children out of the public eye for many years – with few exceptions. Now she is taking a barbecue as an opportunity to show a current family photo.

moderator Heidi Klum
Born June 1, 1973 (age 48), Bergisch Gladbach
spouse Leni Klum, Lou Sulola Samuel, Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel
children Tom Kaulitz (married 2019), Seal (married 2005-2014), Ric Pipino (married 1997-2002)

Heidi Klum celebrates with Bill and Tom Kaulitz: Children from the GNTM host are there too

Life could hardly be nicer for Heidi Klum than it is right now. There’s also comedian Pocher’s critique, like that tz reported, unimportant. In her Instagram story, the famous lady not only provides a professional insight behind the scenes, but also shares private photos with her fans. First, she enjoys the day in bed with her husband, healthy chips and football. Then the barbecue party starts.

Only recently did Heidi Klum celebrate the 18th birthday of her daughter Leni (18). Now the 48-year-old is enjoying a delicious meal with his family in glorious sunshine. Not only the husband Tom Kaulitz (32) and his twin brother Bill Kaulitz (32) are there, but apparently also the presenter’s children. They are also joined by three dogs, as can be seen on Instagram.

Therefore, she shows herself sitting relaxed on a terrace with a drink in hand. Her four children from her previous relationship with singer Seal (59) are also there. The recordings show how big the Klum offspring has already become.

Heidi Klum shows current photo with children: Leni Klum can be seen with siblings

Nevertheless, privacy does not seem to matter to Heidi Klum. Because the faces of their sons and daughters remain unknown to fans (more celebrities and TV news on RUHR24).

For example, one of her sons can be seen in her Instagram story while taking on the role of grill master – but her face is averted. Viewers of Heidi Klum’s story, on the other hand, see only one leg of their other son, while Heidi Klum films their husband Tom.

Heidi Klum shows a rare family picture: one detail catches the eye

Only Leni Klum is already known to the public as a young model and inspires her Instagram followers with private photos. A rather rare insight is then given with a somewhat unusual family photo.

In addition to Leni Klum, GNTM host Heidi Klum has three other children.

© IMAGO / Oliver Langel; picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild | Jens Kalaene

The private snapshot shows Heidi Klum and her four children standing in line. While the viewer of the picture only sees the children from behind, the famous mother, dressed in a long and airy outfit, turns towards the camera.

Current family photo of Heidi Klum: Daughter Leni Klum is there

It is striking how Heidi Klum’s offspring seem to grow over her head. Although she is quite tall at 1.76 meters, one of her sons is already taller than her. His brother has already overtaken Heidi Klum in terms of height. The daughter Lou, who appears in a white T-shirt and a short denim miniskirt, also seems to be on the right track.

Only the well-known top model Leni Klum, who was adopted by Seal, is a little out of line with her 1.63 meters tall. However, this does not seem to have hurt your international success. She has already designed her own collection and is a coveted advertising face for many brands.

The fact that Heidi Klum presents herself with all four children in one picture is a rather unusual step for the famous mother. Heidi Klum, on the other hand, often shows up with her daughter Leni Klum for photo shoots and private photos. With the footage, the 48-year-old shows that the relationship between the children and her as well as Bill and Tom Kaulitz is very harmonious.

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni Klum – stepfather Tom Kaulitz takes on important tasks

Tom Kaulitz made friends early on with the task of being the stepfather of four children. “First of all, of course, it’s totally beautiful,” he sums up his new role. “A few years ago, children were not even a problem, to be honest. It has changed completely.”

Leni Klum in particular seems to have an extremely positive relationship with her stepfather. According to information from RTL learned to drive in the United States by the guitarist. In addition, the 32-year-old acts as his mentor or “secret adviser”, just like the magazine Gala writes.

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